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April 4, 2018

We love learning about the latest doggy stuff out there because we all want the best for our furry friends! Each week we cover the fun, novel, essential, and new products for dogs in our Pawtivity Picks Series.

It’s the start of the camping season so we decided to take this week to learn about dog-worthy camping gear and accessories for you and your dog!

Products Covered: Cooling Pad, Compact Dog Tool, Collapsible Dog Bowl, Dog Hitching System, Portable Paw Washers, All-Weather Jacket, Raincoat, Dog Sleeping Bag, Dog Night Collar.

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Instead of letting your dog dig himself a hole in the ground to lay in and getting dirt all over your camping gear, give him his own cooling mat!

This Cooling Pet Pad* doesn’t use electricity or water! It includes a patented, pressure-activated, non-toxic gel formula that will cool your pet down in hot weather.

The pad stays cool for about 3 hours, but 15-20 minutes of non-use will recharge the pad. It’s great for camping and road trips.

WHY WE LOVE: A cooling product that doesn’t mess with water or electricity?! Easy. And we know a happy dog is a good dog. Use it and take it anywhere!

Take me to the Cooling Pet Pad* now.



Nite Ize comes out with some fancy tools for all-around outdoor use. This DoohicKey Pet Tool* is truly ingenious combining a nail file, tick remover, burr comb, and bottle opener all on a carabiner clip.

Never lose the tool as it clips easily on to your dog’s leash, your keys, or backpack. As an awesome bonus, the tool is backed by Nite Ize’s Worry-Free Guarantee.

WHY WE LOVE: We need lightweight, all-purpose tools. The less we carry the better and this fits the bill perfectly. Never lose a tiny tick remover again.

Take me to the Nite Ize DoohicKey Pet Tool* now.



Ruffwear is a reputable manufacturer of quality, long-lasting and durable dog products. The Bivy Bowl* really lives up to the company’s reputation.

At just 2.96 ounces, you really can’t ask for another bowl to take with you when you are out on the go. The collapsible nature of the bowl makes it ultra-portable.

An often overlooked feature is the reflective trim giving you an easier time to find your dog’s bowl in the dark.

One downside is the high price, but you really do get what you pay for.

WHY WE LOVE: It’s just one bowl for all your outdoor needs. Do you really want to carry around a clunky heavy bowl or have multiple bowls around? One bowl to rule them all.

Take me to the Ruffwear Bivy Bowl* now.



Does your dog’s leash get dirty and tangled at the campsite? Our dogs just want to roam around as freely as they can, but we all need to keep our dogs safe too!

Here’s a great compromise solution from Ruffwear. The Knot-A-Hitch* is the perfect item to take camping. It’s almost a must-have essential in our opinion.

To use the Knot-A-Hitch, just secure the included 36 foot rope between two trees or posts. Then, attach your dog’s leash to the carabiner link on the rope. Tensioning system and materials are similar to those of a rock-climber for ultra-durability and function.


Check out Ruffwear’s website for more information or to get first dibs on the system when it’s back in stock! We are going to be watching out for this for our own camping needs!

WHY WE LOVE: No more leash tangles and doggy gets a new leash on life! And we don’t spend gobs of our time trying to clean our dog’s leash and hands afterwards.

Take me to Ruffwear Knot-a-Hitch System* now.



This is the luxury of luxury when it comes to dog jackets. It’s the perfect all-season, all-weather coat for the true adventurer. We just had to give it a great ooh and ahh!

Molosser’s award winning Aegis All-Weather Dog Jacket does it all. It keeps your dog warm and dry. It’s extremely lightweight, 100% waterproof (including zipper and seams), windproof, breathable, thermal regulating, and 360° reflective.

Getting a great fit with this coat is easy. The basic size comes in XXS to XL, but an adjustable chest and underside-body gusset allows for a more customized fit for your dog. The neck and leg openings are also adjustable. The coat also allows for room for your active dog to move.


The jacket does come at a hefty price tag of $495 (not a typo) if you’ve got some spare change! We just want to know if it comes with a hood or matching boots. Perhaps something to look for in the future.

WHY WE LOVE: This coat does kick doggy butt. We really do dream of the perfect coat for all seasons and weather and this seems to be a very good one.

Take me to the Aegis All-Weather Dog Jacket now.



This simple jacket packs down into a little pouch making it one of the most portable dog raincoats available. The company stands by their products and will repair or replace the coat for the life of your pet.

The RC Packable Dog Rain Poncho* comes in a variety of colors and patterns. There’s also a hood and D-ring hole. Sizes range from XXS to XXXL so it’s hard to find a coat that won’t fit your dog! An adjustable velcro waist band gives your dog a more custom fit.

The coat is not the most durable around, nor the warmest, but it’s a great buy for any rainy emergency given it’s low price and versatility. It may not work as well in the wind as other coats. If you have an off-leash or active dog who likes to go in the brush, you may need a more snug, secure fit.

WHY WE LOVE: Ultra-ultra portable. It fits in your pocket. The cutest “Rubber Ducky” print around that screams rainy weather. You always need a backup emergency solution without the added bulk.

Take me to the RC Packable Dog Rain Poncho* now.



Spring is a muddy time! Every adventure outing brings back a dirty dog (and human!).

We found a paw cleaner* that’s portable and waterless! It’s great for when you are actually outside without access to water – or you don’t want to give up your own precious water.

Since this paw cleaner doesn’t use water, we really appreciate that you don’t get a soppy leg back to dry as you do with other paw cleaners.

A silicone pet grooming brush helps scrub off any mud that is caked between or on your dog’s paw pads. When you are done scrubbing your dog’s paws, just wipe up.

The product does come with a rose scent shampoo, which some may not prefer. However, the scent has got to beat out that odorous wet dog smell from permeating into the interior fabric of your car! Ingredients in the wash are all natural, hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial, and 100% non-toxic. The shampoo is great for getting rid of harmful, toxic substances that may be lingering on your furry friend’s paws due to winter salt and de-icers on the ground.

The only down-side to this paw cleaner is if your dog is muddy all over. We are unsure how it works to shampoo out mud from fur. If your dog is that muddy, no paw cleaner may help. You’ll just have to give your dog a bath!

WHY WE LOVE: No more muddy car seats and dirty paws all over your sleeping bag and hammock! No need to go out of your way to find water or give up yours. Less cleanup in the long run. Safe paws. Portable on hikes.

Take me to the Pupmate Paw Cleaner* now.



For those that think water will do a better job cleaning your dog’s paws, try the Dexas Petware Mudbuster*.

The nice thing about this paw cleaner is that it’s fast to use on an antsy dog that just won’t sit still. Just pop the paw in and out a few times, dry and you’re done!

Bristles are extremely easy to clean and remove. They are also gentle enough for paws. Product sizes are available for petite, medium, and large paws.

The downside to this product is that you do need quite a lot water to clean all paws. It’s an item you probably just want to leave in the car as the container is rather large. Water won’t get off all residue created from winter salt and deicers, but you could perhaps add some shampoo to the water. Beware of many knock-off versions that may not clean as well as the Dexas product.

WHY WE LOVE: A very fast, rough cleanup job that gets the paws and a portion of the legs at one go. If your dog has muddy paws, he’s going to have muddy legs.

Take me to the Dexas Petware Mudbuster* now.



The Barker Bag is a lightweight dog sleeping bag that zips to the side of your own sleeping bag. It also works by attaching to two sleeping bags. Your dog stays warm, keeps your feet warm, and has his own sleeping bag. The Barker Bag was featured on Kickstarter in 2014. Learn about the product from the founder!


There are different size options as well as the option to purchase 2 dog sleeping bags that work on one sleeping bag.

Prices are on the high end, but if you go camping a lot in cooler weather you won’t be thinking twice.

WHY WE LOVE: Have a dog that always wants to get in and out of the sleeping bag leaving you cold and awake from drafts? Keep your own sleeping without losing out on the benefit of that doggy snuggle warmth.

Take me to the Barker Bag now.



Make it easier to attend to your dog at night by putting a bright LED Dog Light Collar* on him that turns on and off as needed. The collar can be used in the rain.

Each collar can be sized to create a custom fit from 12” to 27”. The product uses alkaline batteries so there’s no re-charging involved. It’s easy to store a battery as a backup, but you’ll be surprised how long the collar will last.

As always, Nite Ize provides their Worry-Free Guarantee so getting this collar is a no-brainer.

WHY WE LOVE: No need to change collars and you use it when you need it. Batteries are easy to change and long-lasting. Weather-proof. Highly visible.

Take me to the Nite Ize LED Dog Light Collar* Now.

Leave a comment if there are any other products you think are worth letting everyone know about! Please let us know why you like it, how you use the product, and how long you have been using it for.


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