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June 6, 2018

Best Dog Accessories For Dogs

We love learning about the latest doggy stuff out there because we all want the best for our furry friends! Each week we cover the fun, novel, essential, and new products for dogs in our Pawtivity Picks Series.

Getting started biking with your dog? It’s a great way to give your dog some real exercise! Summer is the perfect time to go out road biking or mountain biking with your dog. This week we cover biking accessories for dogs. We give you the best all-around bike accessories for dogs so you can get started off on the right paw.

If you are new to biking, be sure to read our article for tips on how to get started biking with your dog.

Start on smaller distances if biking with your dog and gradually move to longer distances over time. Your dog needs time to build up his paw pads so they don’t get worn out. They also need to develop the endurance and stamina to keep up with you on a longer ride.

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Products Covered: Bike Attachment, Bike Leash, Dog Bike Trailer, Dog Cooling Vest, Dog Cooling Harness, Dog Harness, Water Storage Bag, Water Bladder, Water Filter, Dog Bowl

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We recommend that you keep a controlled distance between your dog and your bike so that your dog does not run into your bike as you ride. This is usually accomplished with a proper bike attachment with a solid arm that is then then tied to a short, flexible leash attached to your dog.

Never hand carry a flexible leash of any kind as the leash can get wound up in your bike or it can cause you to lose control of your bike risking injury to both you and your dog.

Most bike attachments connect to your bike near your seat or towards the rear wheel. A great feature to look for is the ability for left and right side attachment to your bike. You also want some sort of shock absorber so you feel less of an impact every time your dog pulls.

Keep in mind that you may need to go on a wider trail with a bike attachment to maintain a safe distance and to provide a comfortable experience for you and your dog. If you have a small dog, we highly recommend using a padded harness instead of a collar with the bike attachment.

Bike Tow Leash Bicycle Attachment

The Bike Tow Leash Bicycle Attachment* is consistently rated as one of the best bike attachments for dogs. Most consumers love how durable this bike attachment is. It’s also highly effective in preventing the bike from tipping if your dog pulls away.

The Bike Tow Leash features a hard, bent arm that can be mounted to the rear wheel from the left or right side without any special tools. There’s a flexible joint between the arm and bike that gives your dog greater mobility when running.

The bike attachment can be used with any bike, mobility scooter, trike, or wheelchair. You can also use the bike attachment using a dog coupler* to run with two dogs.


The Bike Tow Leash is the only bike attachment to get a coveted 5 star rating by the American Pet Association. The APA stated that the bike tow leash was the “safest bike leash” they had ever seen. The 5 Star rating is awarded on products that are high quality, humane and safe to pets and people. Businesses that receive this rating practice good business ethics and continually seek ongoing feedback about their product.

One drawback of this bike attachments is the high price. The MSRP is $146, which is 2-3 times the price of many other bike attachments. However, users praise the durability of the Bike Tow Leash and long lasting use. Additionally, the extra safety the Bike Tow Leash affords will pay for itself over and over as the price difference is less than one vet or ER visit. If you are an avid bike rider, you are getting your money’s worth by investing in this bike attachment.

Dog owners rave about the product. Our favorite review is from Scott in Texas who commented that their dog bolted after a deer 10 yards away and he was still able to maintain perfect control of his bike. That’s saying something. We are happy no harm came to human, dog, and deer!

WHY WE LOVE: This bike attachment is so easy to use. We love how much movement (and “freedom”) your dog has to run with your bike while remaining in a safe, controlled distance from the bike.

Take me to the Bike Tow Leash Bicycle Attachment* now.

Walky Dog Bike Leash

The Walky Dog Bike Leash* has a straight arm that attaches to your bike just below your seat. There’s a strong paracord leash inside and springs that provide a great shock absorbing system. You can remove springs to adjust how much shock absorption you need based on how strong your dog pulls.

The Walky Dog can be used on either the left and right side of the bike without using any special tools. This bike attachment is very durable. The leash can handle pulls up to 550 pounds! There’s a really nice quick release feature to detach the bike attachment from your bike. The MSRP of this bike attachment is about $59 – a great price!

With the Walky Dog, your dog will actually remain running at the side of your bike. Some noted that you get a smaller distance between your dog and the bike with the Walky Dog, so you’ll need to factor in how much room your dog needs to get a comfortable running stance in. You can adjust the tension and length of the bike attachment by adjusting the number of inside springs.

If you want a lower attachment where your dog runs to the side of your rear wheel, Walky Dog sells a Low Rider Bike Attachment*. You may have to adjust the springs and inside leash to suit your dog. You want to make sure that your dog runs below the placement of the bike attachment to ensure safety.

WHY WE LOVE: We just love the quick release feature to this bike attachment. No need to bring a separate leash. Just release the bike attachment and use it as a short leash.

Take me to the Walky Dog Bike Leash* now.



If you have a small dog or senior dog, consider getting a dog bike trailer for them so that they can come along with you on your next bike ride. They won’t be getting exercise in, but will still love getting out on a ride with you!

DoggyRide Mini Dog Bike Trailer

The DoggyRide Mini Dog Bike Trailer* is the perfect trailer for a small dog up to 55 pounds who can’t enjoy running alongside your bike. The trailer is very lightweight to give you a break from hauling a heavy load! The turning radius of the trailer is also smoother and tighter than other trailers.

This bike trailer features a strong, breathable mesh opening and superior, padded floor to help minimize a bumpy ride. A rain cover is included on the trailer. Safety leash connections are located inside the trailer. A sunroof is accessible from the top if your dog just wants to poke his head out and look around. Storing the trailer is easy with a quick release of a pin.

For a lightweight trailer, the frame and materials used on this bike trailer are still top notch. The company even places a warranty on fabric for 1 year and frame for 5 years. If you want to use the bike trailer as a stroller, you can purchase a separate stroller converter kit*. Many purchase the separate pad* to give their dog a more comfortable ride.

WHY WE LOVE: If we can’t run with our small dog, then this is the perfect option to let them see and really enjoy a ride. We also don’t want to the trailer to weigh us down!

Take me to the DoggyRide Mini Dog Bike Trailer* now.

Burley Tail Wagon

Although one of the most expensive dog bike trailers on the market, the Burley Tail Wagon* is also one of the very best. This trailer was made for the small to large dog up to 75 pounds.

The Burley Tail Wagon has 4 sides of breathable mesh, an integrated rain cover, and attachments to secure your dog inside the trailer. The design of the wagon allows your dog to sit comfortably. They can even stick their head out of the trailer if you roll up the cover. The trailer folds down very easily for storage. A removable floor makes it easy to clean the trailer.

A handlebar and parking brake is included with the trailer. However, to double the trailer as a stroller, you will need to purchase a separate stroller kit. Burley has both a 1 Wheel Stroller* or 2 Wheel Stroller* kit.

WHY WE LOVE: We love how easy this is to clean. It’s just impossible to avoid muddy paws with a dog! It’s easy to see the trailer lasting for years and giving your dog the most comfortable ride each time.

Take me to the Burley Tail Wagon* now.



Hurtta Cooling Harness

The Hurtta Cooling Harness doubles as a cooling vest and harness. The vest works by dipping it in water and wringing it out. It’s easy to tell when the vest becomes dry as the color changes slightly.

The harness features breathable mesh fabric that extend from the chest to the belly. There is even a detachable water pouch that you can fill with cold water located at the dog’s chest to maximize cooling power where your dog needs it most. An adjustable collar and chest strap allow for the greatest fit for your dog. Leashes can be attached to a sturdy O ring attachment at the top of the vest.

WHY WE LOVE: We really love the full integration of harness and cooling vest in one. This makes is so much easier to put on your dog without any fuss or further adjustments. The O ring and adjustment straps also allow for better mobility and fit for your running dog. And separate water pouch that you can store in the fridge – well, we just have to try it out!

Take me to the Hurtta Cooling Harness now.

Ruffwear Front Range Harness & Jet Stream Cooling Vest

The Ruffwear Front Range Harness* is a great all-around harness for any active dog. It features foam padded straps and 4 points of adjustment for a great fit on any dog. It’s the best option for running with a bike attachment, but you’ll want to attach the leash to the top of the harness rather than the front. Ruffwear does make other harnesses that can be used to help your dogs over obstacles, but most bikers won’t need that on the trail. Hate having flying tags clink together as your dog runs? This harness has a place to hide those id tags!

Need a cooling vest that fits with your harness? Consider the Ruffwear Jet Stream Cooling Vest*which fits under the Front Range Harness and gives a bit more mobility and less bulk than the Ruffwear SwampCooler.

The Jet Stream cooling vest works to pull heat from the dog and works by applying water on the vest and wringing it out. Full coverage of the UPF 50+ vest provides the most shade and cooling effect for your dog. It can be worn of course, without the harness for off leash play. The vest will stay cool for perhaps an hour which is more than enough time for your dog to run as you bike! You will need to get a more exact fit with the cooling vest as it doesn’t have adjustable straps. If your dog has a larger chest, you may want to stick with the Ruffwear Swamp Cooler.

WHY WE LOVE: Dogs get hot running and we love the combination of using the cooling vest with harness while still leaving the option to have a separate harness for the rest of the year.

Take me to the Ruffwear Front Range Harness* or Ruffwear Jet Stream Cooling Vest* now.



Water is the most important thing you can bring with you on a bike ride with your dog. While biking, you want to carry as minimal as you can and as compact as you can. That means no loose clothing and items hanging off your bag or bike. You can probably leave the dog backpack at home too.

We recommend getting one storage container to provide enough water for both you and your dog. While you can always carry your preferred bottle on your bike as you ride, you’ll need to stop anyway to give frequent water breaks to your dog. We like carrying a small, snug backpack and bringing extra water in a collapsible container. Don’t forget a lightweight dog bowl!

How much water you and your dog need depends a lot on how much energy you are exerting, how much you sweat, activity level, and outside temperature. You’ll get a better sense of how much you and your dog needs on a bike ride by going out more.

Hydrapak Seeker

The collapsible Hydrapak Seeker* is a lightweight, durable and compact water storage bag that’s made of abrasion resistant material. It’s also 100% BPA & PVC Free. The storage bag is designed for both hot water up to 140 degrees farenheit and freezing cold water. You can also freeze the entire storage bag to use as an ice pack.

This storage bag is a great option for backpackers, hikers, and bikers. There’s a strap attachment option. The storage bag comes in 2 colors and 3 sizes – 2 liter, 3 liter, and 4 liter.Bags are fully collapsible to fit into a 4x4in storage bag making this highly versatile even as a backup water source. Measurements are included on the side so you always know how much water you have left.

The Hydrapak Seeker is compatible with the Katadyn Befree Filter* or other 42mm bottle filter if you plan to source water from area streams and water sources. Read more about it from our top picks for water filters.

WHY WE LOVE: It’s made for both cold and hot water, a plus for winter activities! We also love that it’s compatible with the Katadyn water filter. You can’t go wrong going with a larger bag as it’s highly collapsible and still ultra-light.

Take me to the Hydrapak Seeker* now.

Freemove Hydration Pack Water Bladder & Cooler Bag

If you are able to ride long distances with your dog, consider the Freemove Hydration Pack Water Bladder & Cooler Bag* This water bladder is perfect for a hot summer bike ride. It holds 2 liters of water and made of durable TPU fabric and BPA free. A cooler bag fits on the outside of your water bladder keeping your water cool. The mouthpiece features a valve to switch the water on and off. This helps prevent leaking.

Very reasonably priced at only $19.85 MSRP, it’s a great option for bikers that need more water they can carry with them easily. Freemove offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee so there’s no risk to buying.

WHY WE LOVE: Who doesn’t want cool water on a bike ride? Ahhhh. And you don’t have to carry separate attachments anywhere. J

Take me to the Freemove Hydration Pack water Bladder & Cooler Bag* now.

Don’t have a backpack for your water bladder? Here’s one*.

Rad Dog Collaspible Pocket Bowl

Rad Dog’s Collapsible Pocket Bowl* is probably the smallest, foldable dog bowl we have seen on the market – it fits in the palm of your hand! The bowl is also waterproof and extremely lightweight at less than 1 ounce. The bowl can carry up to 16 ounces of water. We think backpackers, runners, and bikers would love this bowl for their dogs!

While super small, it doesn’t have the most stable base. It’s also pretty easy to lose and not visible for evening or night camping use. You may just have to hold it up for your dog to drink or eat.

WHY WE LOVE: It’s so minimal and best for those that want to carry as little as possible. Who wants to run or bike with a bulky bowl in their pocket or flapping against their bag?

Take me to the Rad Dog’s Collapsible Pocket Bowl* now.


Leave a comment if there are any other products you think are worth letting everyone know about! Please let us know why you like it, how you use the product, and how long you have been using it for.


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