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Weekend Dog Camping Checklist – Printable


April 4, 2018

Pawtivity DOG Camping Checklist

Going on a weekend camping trip with your dog to an established campground?

Here’s a basic camping checklist that will help you prepare for an easy weekend camping trip with your dog.

Pack Easy. Just go down the list and start organizing your items to pack by section.

You’ll need to add on items depending on what activities you plan to do, such as hiking, fishing, boating, swimming or biking.

Is there anything missing from our camping checklist? Let us know if we need to add anything and if there’s another checklist you would like us to put together! Save this article (members only) to come back to it later!

Printable Dog Camping Checklist

CLICK TO DOWNLOAD & PRINT: Pawtivity DOG Camping Checklist


You can also read the checklist below:

Drivers License / Photo ID
Cash & Quarters
Map Printouts & Directions
Camping Reservation / Details
Nearest Open Hospital & Vet
Phone, Battery Pack, Charging Cords
GPS Device, Compass & Clock
Safety Lights / Flashlight (In Car)
Auto Kit (In Car)

ID Tags
Vaccination Record & Vet Contact
Waerr / Food Bowl
Kibble & Treats
Poop Bags or Shovel
Leash, Tether System / Tie Out
Toys, Chew Toy
Coat, Boots
Paw Wax / Balm
Sleeping Bag, Blanket, Mat, Towel
Cooling Mat, Harness, or Bandana
Safety Light / Collar

Insect Repellent & Coils
Raincoat & Umbrella / Rain Cover
Gloves, Scarf & Cold Gear
Swimming Suit & Gear, Lifeves

Tip: Pack this in a bag or box that you can always take with you anywhere. Tape a checklist of items to the box so you can double-check that you have everything replenished.

Storage Box / Bag w/Checklist
Band-aids, Gauze, Adhesive Tape
Towel / Wipes
Tongue Depressor
Flea-Tick Protection & Tweezers
Alcohol Wipes
Hydrogen Peroxide
Antibiotic Ointment (Human & Dog)
Burn Ointment
Aspirin / Ibuprofen
Personal Medication
Survival Blanket
Pocket Knife / Multi-tool
Whistle & Dog Whistle
Safety Flares & Fire Starter
Battery-Powered Radio, Batteries

Toilet Paper / Wipes
Toiletries,Body Soap, Shower Shoes
Towels & Washcloth
Clothing – Base & Layers, Coat
Socks, Shoes, Hat,
Toys, Books / Magazines, Cards
Musical Instruments
Camera & Film

Tip: Use a large laundry bag to keep all of your tent and sleeping items together for easy packing and storage.

Large Laundry Bag
Tent, Poles & Stakes
Rain Cover, Ground Cover / Tarp, Rope
Sleeping Bag, Pillow, Blanket
Sleeping Mat / Mattress & Air Pump
Chairs, Hammock
Lantern / Flashlight & Extra Batteries

Tip: Keep these items prepared at all times in a storage box, so there’s no need to re-pack everything!  Tape a checklist of items to the box so you can double-check that you have everything replenished. Prepare your ice cooler just before your trip with perishables.

Cooler with Ice / Ice Packs
Water Cooler & Water
Bottled or Canned Beverages
Meals – Prepped In Advance
Seasonings, Condiments & Oil
Snacks, Fruit & Nuts

Plastic Storage Box w/Checklist
Stove with Fuel, Propane & Foil
Grill, Charcoal & Matches / Lighter
Firewood & Fire Starters / Newspaper
Saw / Axe & Shovel
Pan, Pot & Coffee Pot
Cooking / Grill Utensils & Mixing Bowl
Cutting Board, Knife & Peeler
Can Opener & Bottle Opener
Plates, Bowls, Napkins & Utensils
Cups / Thermos
Paper Towels / Wipes / Napkins
Tablecloth & Duct Tape
Trash Bags & Ziplock Bags
Dish Soap, Sponge & Dishtowel
Water Bucket


Looking for a dog-friendly camping? You can also look up special interest, camping, and search by your location on our home page (first banner) – just click the image below to go to the homepage.

Dog Friendly Activity / Event Search


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