Foster A Dog – Experiences From Our Friends


October 10, 2017

Dog resting his head on a girl's shoulder.

Foster A Dog Up For Adoption

We reached out to our friends to give us insights into their experiences or expert opinion about fostering a dog.




Meet Erin and Rory of The Downward Dog Blog! Rory is a shelter pup who always stretches each morning ready to face the day with her owner. Namaste! The Downward Dog Blog is all about the lives and hobbies of other dogs, including shelter dogs who need a home.

Are you thinking about owning a dog? Try fostering a dog first, but read all about the “Do’s and Don’ts” of fostering a dog. Adjusting To Foster Life: Welcome To Fosterville. Population: Poop. Read the Article

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Dog resting his head on a girl's shoulder.

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