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How To Camp With Your Dog In The Rain


April 4, 2018

How To Camp With Your Dog In The Rain

Love camping in the rain? We don’t know many that do! But, it’s hard to avoid an occasional rainfall if you are out camping, especially during the springtime.

Don’t let a little rain keep you away from your camping trip. We give you some tips on how to camp in the rain with your dog. If lightning and severe flash floods or thunderstorms are in the forecast, it may be best to stay home and go camping another day.

Dogs probably won’t mind a little rain, but you’ll want to at least seek shelter for him so that he doesn’t get wet, cold, and worse, develop hypothermia.



Many campgrounds have designated areas where you may camp, away from flood zones. Always set up camp at higher ground or outside a flood zone area. When in doubt, ask the park ranger for information on where to camp or go to an established campground.

You will also want to camp away from tall trees in case there is lightning during a thunderstorm.



For Your Tent:

Waterproof Ground Cover – There’s water in the ground, so without a waterproof ground cover you will feel the damp coldness of the ground as you sleep. Add rain and you are in for a sleeples night. Waterproof ground covers or waterproof tarps are a low cost investment that will keep you and your dog dry. Lay it under your tent.

Rain Cover – Rain covers usually come with any tent you purchase and easy to put on.

Tent Stakes – Use extra tent stakes or stronger tent stakes to keep your tent and rain cover in place.

Mattress Pad / Air Mattress – A pad or mattress will give you comfortable protection from the cold ground. It will also give you more restful sleep with all the pitter patter of the rain on your tent and howling of wind.

Bivy Bag – Use a lightweight bivy bag to get additional protection from the rain and cold. A bivy bag acts like a cocoon that goes around you and your sleeping bag. Bivy bags are a favorite among backpackers and may be used in place of a tent. If you need more rain protection, you could always put up an weatherproof emergency tarp or poncho tarp to shield yourself more from the rain. Always consider your overall added weight if you are backpacking and choose the best option for you.
For Camp:

Tarp & Rope or Paracord – It’s always nice to eat in a dry area. If you have a large group of campers, you really don’t want everyone to huddle up in their own tent to eat. Put up some rope and tarp above your picnic table so you can eat together.

Flashlights and LED lights – Don’t step into a big puddle of water and mud at night. Bring your flashlight so you can see where you are going!

Comfort Food & Foil – Make yourself a cup of hot cocoa, hot toddy (alcoholic drink), tea, beer, or coffee and warm yourself next to the campfire. Comfort food always makes you feel better! Use foil to wrap items in so they stay dry. You can also use a portable camping stove and cook under cover.

Waterproof Lighter / Waterproof Tinder – If you want to have a small campfire use a waterproof lighter and tinder to get your fire started. Make your fire in an area shielded from wind. You’ll need to get a small fire started first with dry kindling before putting on a larger piece of wood. You can also find large pieces of dead, dry wood under trees. Make sure you peel of the outer wet bark to get to the dry wood so you can at least get the wood burning.
For Personal Use:

Battery Pack – Although we all love mother nature, sometimes it’s nice to just relax in your tent and watch a movie all snuggled up next to your pup and loved one. Bring a battery pack to get more use out of your phone or tablet!

Dry Sack – Dry sacks or wet bags should be a staple for any outdoor adventurer. They will help keep your valuables and electronic devices dry.

Backpack Rain Cover – Some hiking backpacks already have a built-in rain cover, but if you don’t have one bring one. They are super lightweight and slip over your backpack to keep everything dry

Clothing Layers – It’s always a good idea to wear a base layer and pack in some extra layers of clothing. Three layers of clothing will do better than one bulky sweater. If you get hot, just peel off a layer. Wool and synthetic fabrics do the best to keep you warm and dry. Your top layer should be a waterproof coat or raincoat.

Rain Gear – Invest in an all-weather, lightweight raincoat that is waterproof for you and your dog. This coat gives you the most versatility for any weather condition you may encounter. For your legs you can use rain pants or gaiters. Don’t forget to bring extra wool socks or waterproof socks!

Tell us about your camping experience. Where do you like to go camping? What do you like to do?


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