Mogollon Rim, Arizona – Experiences From Our Friends


November 11, 2017

Hike the Mogollon Rim With Your Dog

Hike the Mogollon Rim With Your Dog

Hike the Mogollon Rim With Your Dog

We reached out to our friends to give us insights into their experiences or expert opinion about hiking, backpacking, or camping the Mogollon Rim with their dog.




Kerri has always been an adventurer at heart, especially when out exploring with her family and dogs, Goose and Dante. She believes that dogs live in the moment and can teach us that every day is always the happiest day. We think that is a great belief to live by! Learn all about Kerri, Goose and Dante’s adventures on her blog, Dusty Desert Dog.

Is it your first time backpacking?? (So exciting!) Learn about Kerri’s first time backpacking at the Mogollon Rim. She, Goose, and others hiked from Geronimo Trail #240 to East Webber Trail #289. Our First Backpacking Trip. Read the Article

Follow Kerri, Goose & Dante: Instagram @dustydesertdogs.



Calling all adventurers on wheels! Expedition Portal is here to help you find your next overlanding experience across the world. They can also help you choose your next car, camper, or trailer for your next adventure.

Does your dog love a car ride? Chris Cordes, Managing Editor at Expedition Portal, has a special place in his heart for the Mogollon Rim. Read more about his 36 hour wilderness escape car camping and hiking with his friends. 36 Hours of Adventure: Eastern AZ and the Mogollon Rim. Read the Article

Follow Expedition Portal: Instagram @expeditionportal.


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