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Running With Your Dog


July 7, 2017

Go Running With Your Dog

Go Running With Your Dog

Dogs are the best motivator and running partner you will ever have. They simply love to run! Get in a great workout for yourself and release some of that pent up energy in your dog. All it really takes is at least 15 minutes a day!

Before you hit the pavement, here are some tips that will help you run with your dog.

What Dogs Can Run

Running should only be recommended for adult dogs that have a mature skeletal system. For small dogs this may be at 9-12 months, however, larger dogs’ bones don’t mature until about 12-20 months. Consult your vet for more information or learn more about your dog’s breed running capabilities.

Many dogs love running, but some are bred to be longer distance runners who can tolerate more heat and have more stamina.  Some of the best running dog breeds include the Vizsla, Weimaraner, Border Collie, Jack Russell Terrier, Labrador Retriever, Golden Retriever, Pit Bull, and German Shepherd. Short-faced dogs, senior dogs, and very large breeds may overheat more quickly, need more frequent breaks, or run a shorter distance than other dogs.

Before A Run

  • Feed your dog more than an hour before running.
  • Choose the coolest part of the day to run. Dogs don’t sweat and heat up much faster than humans do. You should also choose routes that have ample shade and trash cans.
  • Don’t forget the poop bags! No one would want to run over a wet one!
  • Give your dog some water and an opportunity to go to the bathroom before running.  Repeat this routine before going out on every run.
  • Grab a 3-6 foot non-retractable leash to run with your dog. You can also use a hands free leash, which we really prefer as it allows you to run more naturally and allow your dog to respond better to your pace.
  • Consider proper equipment and attire for you and your dog In the winter and summer months. Pay extra attention to your dog’s paws. We love to use Musher’s Secret to protect paws against snow, ice, and hot surfaces.


After A Run

  • Reward your dog and give him a treat for being such a good running partner!
  • Make sure your dog gets another water and bathroom break.
  • Check your dog for ticks.
  • Inspect your dog’s paws for sharp objects, cuts, and irritants. If your dog needs medical attention, here are some tips to consider to help care for your dog’s paws.


Do you have a favorite running route?

Going out into wet weather? Look also at our list additional first aid items to prevent and treat blisters, read: Tips for Hiking In The Rain: Staying Dry to Paw / Foot Care.

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Is there a great dog-friendly activity or event missing from our list? Contact us so we can share it with the community!

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