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April 4, 2018

Best Dog Tech Gadgets of 2018

We love learning about the latest doggy stuff out there because we all want the best for our furry friends! Each week we cover the fun, novel, essential, and new products for dogs in our Pawtivity Picks Series.

This week we decided to cover some of latest and must-have technology gadgets made for our furry friends! We tend to love the products that give us our dogs smart, active play and products that make sure we keeping our dogs healthy while simplifying our lives.

Products Covered: Smart Collar, Food & Exercise Tracking, Treat Dispensers, Dog Monitors, Potty Trainer, Smart Toys

This article contains affiliate links. We may earn a small commission (at no cost to you) for our endorsement, recommendation, testimonial, and/or link to any products or services marked with an *. The main purpose of this article is to provide you with hiking and safety tips. We will only provide links to truly great products we think our visitors would appreciate learning more about.




We really love the concept of this dog collar. It’s the perfect collar for the Pawtivity Pup. You can go hiking, running, and biking with your dog off-leash and get the assurance that your dog will be within a set boundary around you at all times. GPS, health, and activity monitor make this collar even better. By the way, the collar is completely waterproof!

Dog collars with geo-fence capabilities have been around a long time, but what makes this collar unique is the ability to use your mobile app to draw your own customized containment area anywhere, not just in your own backyard. This makes the product truly mobile and versatile.

When you are out for a run or hiking in the winter, it helps to know if your dog is too hot or cold. The collar comes with a temperature and environmental alert that tells you if you your dog’s ambient temperature is high or low.


What is still left to be proven is just how good GPS tracking is on this device and if the gentle vibration and ultrasonic sensor is enough to deter a dog from crossing a certain boundary. We are also unsure how an added 1 pound of weight for the collar may work for a small or medium sized dog.

The product was released May 30, 2018, but still on pre-order. Wagz makes many other connected home devices for dogs, including an automatic feeder. The collar works with other Wagz and Black & Decker pet products. The product can be ordered for $349 and comes with plan options for extra storage and video streaming.

WHY WE LOVE: Have your dog on an invisible leash and hands free while you hike, run, and bike. This all-in-one device is perfect to track your best workout buddy’s health and whereabouts better than you can.

Take me to the Wagz Smart Dog Collar now.



According to a study by the Association of Pet Obesity Prevention, 53.9% of dogs are overweight. A lot of dog owners don’t actually know that their pets are overweight. Our vet can tell us how much food your dog needs based largely on weight, however, they can’t factor in exercise accurately to tell you much you may need to modify your dog’s diet. So, it’s pretty easy to overfeed your dog.

Actijoy creates an integrated pet tracking system that helps you give the right amount of food to your dog so they don’t become overweight. The pet tracking system includes a waterproof health and activity monitor, a food and water bowl, and finally a mobile application.


Actijoy products are currently on pre-order and available Spring 2018. We are curious to see how well the activity tracker measures different types of activity from a dog.

WHY WE LOVE: This is one of the first products we have seen that really tries to give us feedback into how much we need to feed our dogs. It also motivates us to get out and get active with our dogs! Of course we love that!

Take me to the Actijoy Pet Tracking System now.



We love smart play for our dogs and CleverPet* really fits the bill. Dogs need to work for their reward and use their heads! Clever Pet is a smart toy and treat dispenser. Your dog has to solve puzzles by pawing three buttons that light up. When they get the puzzle correct, the device opens revealing a tasty treat.

We love that puzzles get progressively harder so your dog keeps getting challenged and is not fed too many treats! You can see how your dog does throughout the day from your phone and how many treats they got.

Clever Pet is available to purchase on their website for $249 for a refurbished unit. New units are currently out of stock and cost about $300. We hope the company comes out with an upgrade version soon!


WHY WE LOVE: Dogs need a healthy balance of mental stimulation and physical exercise. Clever Pet gives them smart play so they don’t decide to take their frustration out on your sofa.

Take me to the Clever Pet* now or order the Refurbished Version.



Having a hard time training your puppy to go potty on his pee pad? PetSafe* has come up with a solution that will train and reward your dog every time he pees on his pad.

You can reinforce other training with your dog by using the treat dispenser with a remote. If your dog needs to know to go to his place or to his bed, you can place the treat dispenser near his designated place or sleeping area.

In order for this system to work, your dog does need to be food motivated. Some dogs are motivated more by play, so may not response as well to treats.


WHY WE LOVE: Ever walk home from work only to find pee and poop rubbed in on your furniture and carpets? Ugh. If you have to use a pee pad, at least your puppy can learn to go in the right spot!

Take me to Train ‘N Praise Potty Training System* now.



PetCube* is an interactive pet camera that lets you interact with your dog when you are not home. You can quickly check up on your pet, hear and talk to your dog, give them a treat, and take photos of them from your phone.

Even when you aren’t checking in on your pet, you can get alerts if something is wrong based on sound and motion alerts. Now, you shouldn’t use the Pet Cube for meals, but the container does fit up to 2 lbs of treats so plenty to last a long time.

The PetCube comes with 1080 HD video and night vision along with a 138° wide angle view. You can also zoom up close to see your dog. Multiple cameras can be purchased and placed in different rooms.


The jacket does come at a hefty price tag of $495 (not a typo) if you’ve got some spare change! We just want to know if it comes with a hood or matching boots. Perhaps something to look for in the future.

WHY WE LOVE: Ok it’s Big Brother with good intent. Now we can love our dogs when we are not there. We already hate leaving them at home! Who doesn’t love flinging a treat (from your phone!) to your dog?

Take me to the Pet Cube* now.

Leave a comment if there are any other products you think are worth letting everyone know about! Please let us know why you like it, how you use the product, and how long you have been using it for.


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