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Top Dog Friendly Activities for Fall


September 9, 2017

A selection of our favorite dog friendly activities and events for Fall 2017.

Top Dog Friendly Activities For Fall Adventures

Pawtivity's Top Picks for Fall Adventures With Your Dog

It’s Fall! We love the change of the seasons and the welcome relief of a new chill in the air. Dogs love it too!

Here are some dog friendly activities that will get you celebrating the smells and sights of fall.

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Participate In A Doggy Run With Your DogDoggy Run (1k-5k): October is Adopt A Dog Month and the perfect time to sign up for your first 5k to support your local rescue groups and shelters. If you or your dog can’t run, just walk! They’ll still have fun. Don’t forget to dress up in costume!




Go Hiking With Your DogHiking: Enjoy the new change of the season by taking your dog out sniffing and exploring a new hiking trail. The best trails will be the ones that offer the best views of fall foliage. Plan a road trip to a destination hike. Please let your dog stick his head out the window to bite that wind!



Take your dog camping.Wilderness Camping: The summer heat is finally over! It’s time to spend the entire day outdoors with family and friends. Book a campsite early. There’s so much to do, but whatever you do, involve your dog in all the action! End the day by making him a campfire s’more with dog biscuits and marshmallow. Then, snuggle in for the night and wake up to watch the sunrise together.



Dog jumping over a panel jump on an outdoor agility course.Obstacle Course Race: Do you love mud runs? Take your dog on one! We think it’s a no brainer, and there are some races that are dog friendly.





Hike The Triple Crown

Hike The Triple Crown: The Triple Crown includes the Pacific Crest Trail on the west coast, the Appalachian Trail on the east coast, and the Continental Divide which runs along the Rocky Mountains. Each trail does offer dog friendly sections. Make the most of your experience by planning a backpacking trip with your dog!




Take Your Dog To A Pumpkin PatchPumpkin Patch: It’s the season for a great pumpkin search! There are several dog friendly pumpkin patches. Pick out the best pumpkin to carve at home and enjoy some carmel apples, cider, and pumpkin pie while you are at it! End the day by watching the classic, “It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown,” with your dog.



Take Your Dog To A Corn MazeCorn Maze: Have a dog that’s good with his nose? Take him with you to a corn maze! Have fun getting lost together and exploring your way out of the maze!




Dog with Finger MustacheDog Mustache / Beard: This is the silliest thing we think you can do with your dog! Give your dog a mustache or give yourself a dog beard! You may have to do a few takes to get it just right, but either way you are sure to have some fun!



Catch Your Dog Dreaming Something HappyDream Happy: Did you know that dogs sleep 12-14 hours a day? Of course they don’t sleep that all in one stretch, but it’s cute to see them all curled up or even snuggled up with you getting in a short snooze. We love to see a sleeping pup, so share the best shot of your pup that will make even the most wired want to lay down for a snooze.




Make Your Dog Homemade TreatsTrick for Pumpkin Treats: Who has time for baking when you’re always outdoors? This is an easy recipe that will take no time. Mix together 1 can pumpkin puree, 1 egg, 2 cups rice flour, and ½ cup peanut butter. Preheat the oven at 350 degrees Fahrenheit and bake for 10 minutes or until slightly toasted and crispy. Cool and make your dog do a trick before you give him his treat! To make this even more of a gourmet treat, sprinkle on a mixture of ground pumpkin seeds (shelled), peanuts, cashews, and almonds before you bake them.




Teach Your Dog To Catch A Frisbee/DiscRunning Catch (Disc): Some dogs have high prey drive. They will go after any moving object. Get your dog running and jumping by throwing him a frisbee or disc to catch!




Take An Agility Class With Your Dog!Take An Agility Class: Dog just want to jump, tunnel, run, and climb? Agility is not just for the Border Collie. To us it’s a great way to train for an obstacle course race! It’s also one of the best form of mental and physical exercise that boots your dog’s confidence and actually makes him more obedient – he’s learns to look up to you! Start this outside with our dog in the fall, but move on indoors during the winter!



Go Bikejoring With Your DogBikejoring: Have a large dog that loves to run with you? Bikejoring is a sport where your dog actually pulls you on your bike. Think dog sledding in the fall! You could start training your dog with bikejoring in the fall and move on to skijoring (dog pulls you on cross country skis) in the winter. This is a must-do for a Husky!



Is there a great dog-friendly activity or event missing from our list? Contact us so we can share it with the community!



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