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Carol & Carmella

February 2, 2018

Carol & Carmella of Pawtivity

Carol & Carmella of Pawtivity

Carol & Carmella of Pawtivity

Hello! Welcome to the Pawtivity community! We all have the same zest for exploring adventures that include our dogs and living life to its fullest.

Pawtivity was created to help dog owners find the very best dog friendly activities (pawtivities) and events. We are an online community where dog owners can share insights and experiences with those that share their same passion in being active with their dog.

Life is an endless journey with a dog at your side! Let’s go on an adventure!



“Carmella – For all her imperfections and perfections… she’s always my amazing pup. ~ Carol”

We believe that every dog is uniquely amazing. In essence, this is truly what Pawtivity is all about. All dogs are perfect in their owner’s eyes and our community celebrates the joy and spirit between human and dog.

Pawtivity’s main goal is to inspire dog owners everywhere to play more with their dogs. That means going on the best adventures and giving their dog smarter, varied play. Sometimes, all people need is a little motivation to get out there and the support of a community of people like them to play, share, and explore together. There’s a wealth of knowledge that each and every person has and we want to bring that collective knowledge together to benefit us all.

Pawtivity is the first true social network of active dog owners. We are a community-driven, which means that our users provide recommendations on the best dog friendly destinations, activities, and events. We do additional research to give you the best “cliffs notes” version of a dog friendly destination, activity, or event so you can spend less time searching online and more time playing with your dog. We also give you curated “best” lists and inspirational adventure stories from friends to make it even easier for you to get out that door.



Pawtivity came about basically because I was having a hard time finding great recreational outlets for Carmella and me to play! Carmella definitely has above average physical and mental needs as a Patterdale Terrier. Finding the right dog friendly activities for us to do just took too long, required finding and talking to the right people, or sometimes proved fruitless. We wanted an easy way to learn about proper gear, skills to help us get better at an activity, and great destinations to visit. We also wanted to meet others like us who wanted to teach our dogs how to do more dog sports at a recreational level or to practice. While sanctioned clubs are perfect for those that want to compete, I just didn’t want to travel far to go to long competitions when that wasn’t our focus.

Sometimes, to find the best adventures we look to Facebook or Instagram for a photo of where to go. I love to see all those fantastic photos of places people have been to. Sometimes the location isn’t on the photo or is incorrect. Still, when I do see a location mentioned I make a mental note that I have to go there one day… but then forget about it later! So much for that. Bah! Pawtivity gives you the ability to save your own adventure list and track all the adventures you’ve had and ones you want to take. Pawtivity also tracks things by special interest so you can explore more of what you like to do and find others that do what you do. In a way, we’ve created a super “active” bucket list, but I really hate to call it that. I want a full life of memories with my dog today, not tomorrow or before it’s too late.

Finding your next adventure shouldn’t be so hard. We want to make it easier and more accessible for people like me to find the best activities to do with their dogs. Pawtivity should be the first place dog owners go to when planning out a lifetime of adventures with their best furry pals. It’s also a place where you can capture all those great memories with your dog by all the places you’ll go!

“You’re off to Great Places!
Today is your day!
Your mountain is waiting,
So… get on your way!”
~ Dr. Seuss, Oh, The Places You’ll Go!



The Dog Park Is Not For Everyone.

Carmella loves to play and is fast in a chase. As a puppy, I took Carmella often to the dog park to socialize her. She could rally up a whole pack of dogs to chase each other in circles, which always brought on laughter from bystanders.

Carmella no longer rallies up other dogs now that she is older, but she does still love a good dog chase! Carmella will also chase after any ball or toy thrown in the park, even if it’s for another dog. More often than not, she overtakes the other dog and does her victory trot back to me to show me her prize. I always have to apologize for my little ball fiend and we usually end up just leaving the dog park.

So much of Carmella’s play preference is driven by her breed instincts and high prey drive. She loves to chase, tug, fetch and explore. This is not surprising as Patterdales are working dogs bred to hunt small animals and dig underground.

In all, Carmella really isn’t the dog park kind of dog anymore. It doesn’t suit her needs and I think she would just rather be doing so many other things! She does perk up when we find an agility course, but few parks have them.

Letting Carmella Be Carmella.

Dogs will always be our loving, loyal sidekick. They depend on us and live through our own adventures – hiking, camping, running, working out with us, playing sports, or just lounging out at home. They are our tagalong, companion dogs – and they don’t mind it one bit. It’s how we develop such a lifelong bond with our dog. We bond more by doing more together.

Carmella is definitely my tagalong dog, but hiking and running are activities driven by my interests. Not all of the things I like really satisfies Carmella’s prey drive and give her smart play. Carmella needs to be Carmella. She needs to be the dog that she was meant to be.

I honestly never gave much thought to dog sports (like most dog owners), but I started looking into them more as an outlet for Carmella. We have tried out a few dog sports, thus far. Carmella absolutely loves agility and disc dog.

I only took Carmella to a few sessions of agility, but noticed the instant change to her overall confidence, obedience, focus, and affection towards me. I highly recommend learning proper basics with a professional trainer who is really training you and your dog. I wish we had a larger backyard so we could practice on our own more.

Carmella seems to be the happiest when we play disc. We love it when we can get the park all to ourselves where she can really run around! When we take a break, Carmella will sit in my lap, lean up against me, lift her head 90 degrees and look at me as if to say “Thank You, Mommy, I Love You.” I feel more of that special bond with her on these days. It’s so precious! I now always keep a mental list of frequently empty dog friendly fields where we can play.

Dog sports is definitely Carmella’s super workout. Just 15 minutes of disc playing wipes Carmella out mentally and physically more than an hour-long walk. More importantly , Carmella loves to play! If Carmella is happy, she’s a better and more loving dog, so everyone is happy. So many other dogs out there could benefit tremendously if they were engaged more in smarter play. I sometimes wonder why dog obesity is such a problem and why shelters are over-crowded with energetic or poorly trained dogs.

Of course, Carmella and I still love to go out on a hike and go camping together as well! There’s so many places that we want to go! We also have to do more fun runs and obstacle courses together!



We hope that you love our community and can give us some feedback to make the community better.

We are always looking out for great members to join our team. There are opportunities for members to become a Pawtivity Pup Explorer Ambassador or a Special Interest Lead. Contact us if you would be interested in doing more to help us grow!

Life really is an endless journey with Carmella at my side. It’s a journey and adventure I’ll cherish and remember forever. I’m excited to share our journey with you and can’t wait to see your adventures!

Happy Adventuring,

Carol and Carmella
President & Pup, Pawtivity
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About the Author

Carol Chi and Carmella have been a dynamic duo since 2012. Carmella loves to play and sure challenges her owner to do do more adventures together!

Instagram @carmellaohbella

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