Chinese New Year – Year Of The Dog

Celebrate the chinese new year with your dog and the launch of!

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02-16-2018 - 03-02-2018

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Chinese New Year – Year Of The Dog

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Happy Chinese New Year! It’s the year of the dog! Dogs add so much to our lives. They are a symbol of loyalty and honesty. Having a dog brings good fortune (at least by way of smiles, laughter, and joy).

There are a lot of cultural traditions when celebrating the Chinese New Year. Here are some ideas on how to celebrate with your dog!

– Groom or give your dog a hair cut before the new year.
– Make him special meat-filled dumplings.
– Buy new (red) clothes for your dog to wear.
– Light a doggy lantern on March 2 for the Spring Lantern Festival.

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More Information: The New Year is all about celebrating with friends and family. Chinese New Year festivities usually come with firecrackers, so keep this in mind if you take your dog to celebrate around the town.

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