im Schnee festsitzen Trail Run

Canicross and Snowshoeing?? Fun Fun.

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01-21-2018 from 10:25 am - 5:00 pm

Bristol Woods Park – Pringle Nature Center
      9800 160th Ave, Bristol, WI 53104

im Schnee festsitzen Trail Run

Special Interest: RunningSports - PullSports - Winter

im schnee what? We had to translate this and we think it means Stuck In The Snow or To Be Trapped In The Snow. Love it!

The course is 3.1 miles and the event will be held in conjunction with the run/walk/snowshoe trail event. This is a “Choose Your Own Trail Adventure” so you can run, walk, and snowshoe as long as your like so as long as you finish in 3 hours.

After the race, sit down with all the tired pups and humans and chow down on some beef stew, soup, and Schnapps. And BYOB!

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Location: Bristol, WI | Kenosha County | Wisconsin
Activities: Running, Trail Running, Race

TAGS: Cross-Country, Running, Snowshoeing, Trail Running, Walking, Winter - Sports

Admission: $29 Individual, $50 Couple, $7 Guest Not Running, $29 Canicross

More Information: Dogs must be on short leash while not racing and under control around other dogs. Contact for more information.

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