K9 Gladiators – Arlee, MT

Obstacle Course Race For You And Your Dog!!

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08-12-2018 from 9:00 am - 8:00 pm

K9 Gladiators Race
      70763 Schall Tanner Rd, Arlee, MT 59821

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K9 Gladiators – Arlee, MT

Special Interest: CampingFestival ExpoOutdoor PlayRunningSocialWalking

This is a 1, 3 or 6 mile obstacle course for dogs and their humans! The list of obstacles (http://www.k9gladiators.com/obstacles/) at this race look fun! They include the tunnels of doom, mud splash, ball mania, a straw bale scramble, water berms and more!

Make it a weekend for the entire family by camping in the area. Saturday, August 11 events include a recall event and 100 yard obstacle dash. Sunday August 12 events include the race as well as dock diving, barn hunt, agility, and more!

Dogs must be 18 months and older, on a 6 foot leash, and in good health to race. Read the full rules before you register! (http://www.k9gladiators.com/rules/)

The race starts at 9:00am on August 12, 2018. Registration starts at 8:00am.


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Location: Arlee | Lake County | Montana
Activities: Running, Obstacle Race, Obstacle Course, 1 Mile, 2 Mile, 4 Mile, Walking, Social, Charity

Admission: Adult $45-$60, Junior $30-$45, Team and Family Pricing Also Available, Special Discounts Also Available. Dog entry is included in registration.

More Information: For more information contact K9sportsdynamics@gmail.com.

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