Lake Perry Rocks! Trail Run, Kansas – 50K, Half

Take your dog with you on this race! 50k, Half-Marathon

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10-07-2017 from 8:00 am - 6:00 pm

Branded B Ranch
      7481 74th St, Meriden, KS 66512

Lake Perry Rocks! Trail Run, Kansas – 50K, Half

Special Interest: Running

This is the 7th annual Lake Perry Rocks! race. The best part is that dogs can run with you! The race features a 50k and Half-Marathon course. Make a day trip and go camping with your dog nearby!

The route for this course can be pretty challenging, so make sure your dog is comfortable running long distances and on terrain with rocks, roots, and hills. If you are an avid runner, we do expect you to have run multiple times with your dog, otherwise it’s probably a good idea to leave them on the sidelines. The time limit to run is 9 hours for the 50k.

Online registration is available here. Be sure to read the detailed rules before heading out to race! Don’t forget to check your dog’s paws!

Good luck and have fun! Take a photo at the finish with your dog! What did you think about the race? How did your dog do? How did you train with your dog?

Admission: Half-Marathon $65-$95, 50K $90-$120, Human Pacer $0, Canine Pacer $10 (Canines are day-of-race signup, only.)

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