Muddy Mutt

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05-02-2018 from 10:00 am - 1:00 pm

Carnation Farms
      28901 NE Carnation Farm Rd., Carnation, WA 98014

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Muddy Mutt

Special Interest: Outdoor PlayRunning

Is it strange to say that this event just looks like a lot of fun?? We haven’t been there, but we look through so many website and we just have a feeling… perhaps it was the animated puppy .gif running that attracted our attention bringing back memories of college day when animated .gifs were just new to the scene and everyone had lambs on their computer desktops. (I digress…)

On to the event! The date for Muddy Mutt is still to be finalized, however, this is a fun obstacle event for you and your dog. The race is not timed. There’s air foam, sand, and lots of mud to roll around in. Stay afterwards for food and music and more doggy fun.

And did we say FREE BEER and FREE DOGGY BEER?


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Location: Carnation, WA | King County | Washington
Activities: Running, Obstacle Course, Mud Run, Fun Run

Admission: Human $50, Dog $6, $22 Extra Immediate Family Member

More Information: Check back as date has not been finalized.

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