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Go Bikejoring With Your Dog

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    Go Bikejoring With Your Dog

    Special Interest: Biking

    Bikejoring is very different from biking with your dog and a more common sport for fall or winter. The main difference is that your dog actually runs in front of you on your bike and pulls you forward while you ride. We suggest that you read a few articles about bikejoring before going out with your dog. It’s also a great idea to go out with someone who can give you hands-on pointers for you and your dog(s).

    Submit a picture or video of your dog with your bike. Where did you go bikejoring? Was this your first time bikejoring with your dog? Do you have any tips for anyone else new to bikejoring?


    Help a fellow dog owner! Do you have an adventure story? Contact us and we will link it to this pawtivity or event! Where did you go? What did you do? Please include any useful tips and advice that would help others!

    Activities: Biking, Bikejoring

    TAGS: Bikejoring, Biking

    Items Needed: Mountain Bike, Bike Helmet, Bike Repair Kit, Bike Attachment, Gang Line (for multiple dogs), Bungee Towline (at least 6 feet long), Clips, Mushing Harness, Water, First Aid, Reflective Tape or Gear, Poop Bags, Protective Eyewear, Paw Protection, Other Appropriate Gear and Spare Parts.

    Safety: If your dog has a special condition or problems with his joints consult your vet. Dogs should be ideally be medium sized, at least 30 pounds, 18 months old, and able to pull you on a bike. Don't overdo it and pay attention to you and your dog's abilities! Check your dog's paws after every ride.

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