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Cabrillo National Monument, CA

Take your dog to see a tide pool!

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    Take your dog to see a tide pool!

    Special Interest: BeachOutdoor PlaySightseeingWalking

    Want to go exploring some great tidepools? Head over to Cabrillo National Monument (San Diego ,CA), located at the tip of Point Loma Peninsula. The area is not very dog friendly, however, the tidepools are worth a trip.

    Dogs are allowed on the Coastal Trail that goes to the tidepool area and leashed at all times. Dogs may not walk on Cabrillo Road or on any other trails in the park.


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    Location: San Diego, CA  |  California
    Activities: Beach, Walking, Tide Pool

    Items Needed: 6 Foot Leash, Poop Bags, Water, Paw Protection, Cooling Vest, Sun Protection, Booties or Paw Protection, Appropriate Camping Gear

    Safety: Please follow rules and regulations provided by the dog park. Generally, dogs should be fully vaccinated and non-aggressive towards other dogs.

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