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Teach Your Dog to Come / Touch On Command

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    Teach Your Dog to Come / Touch On Command

    Special Interest: Training

    Come / Touch is one the most basic commands all dogs should know. Not only is it great for recall training, but it’s also an essential first step to doing so many other tricks and dog sports. The command is very useful if your dog tries to run toward a busy street, confronts an aggressive dog or animal, or strays too far into an unsafe area.

    Have your dog stand in front of you. Hold a treat between your thumb and hand extended out, palm facing your dog. Then call to your dog to “touch” or “come.” Your dog will naturally walk towards you to get his treat. As soon as your dog touches your palm with his nose, give him a release command such as “yes” or “ok” and then reward him with the treat. Try increasing the distance or adding distractions to challenge him further. Does your dog know how to sit, stay, and lay down? Go the next step and practice some puppy situps which is a series of commands in order of sit, down, sit, stay (you walk out), and finally come / touch.

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    Activities: Training, Obedience

    TAGS: Basic Commands, Obedience, Training

    Items Needed: Treats or Favorite Toy

    Safety: If your dog has a special condition or problems with his joints consult your vet.

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