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Desert Camping

Go Desert Camping With Your Dog

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    Go Desert Camping With Your Dog

    Special Interest: BikingCampingGreat OutdoorsSightseeing

    The desert is a beautiful place to go camping with your dog. Many go for some great hiking or to see a majestic desert sunset. Others go to see unusual wildflowers or to visit cliff formations and old cliff dwellings. If you’re feeling adventurous, rent some ATVs and dirt bikes, go rockhounding for geodes and minerals, go rock climbing, or gallop around the desert on a horse or jeep tour.

    Winter is a great time to go desert camping as temperatures feel like a mild summer instead of in the triple digits. Along with the beauty of desert camping comes the extra preparation involved. You will need plenty of fresh water and some type of shade to protect against daytime heat. Chances are your dog is not used to the unusual and sometimes poisonous wildlife and plants in the desert. Make sure your dog is on leash and obedient to your commands – it’s best not to let your dog roam around freely or poke around in any dark crevices. Let him snuggle next to you at night! Don’t forget to set up camp on high ground away from water sources.

    Did you see anything interesting in the desert? Take a picture of the sunset or sunrise with your dog!


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    Activities: Camping, Biking, Hiking, Walking, Sightseeing

    TAGS: ATV, Camping, Cave Dwellings, Cliff Formations, Desert, Dirt Biking, Geodes, Hiking, Jeep Tours, Rockhounding, Walking, Wildflowers

    Items Needed: Camping gear appropriate for the desert and weather, food, fresh water, poop bags, short leash, long leash, chew toys, harness, something to keep your dog cool or warm, dog bedding, towel, brush, first aid kit, thick paw protection / boots, copy of your dog's health and vaccination records, tweezers or tick remover, dog brush, glow stick or flare gun, and any additional safety items for humans and dogs.

    Safety: Some campsites and national parks do not allow dogs. Make sure that you comply with all park rules and regulations and consult your vet for proper vaccinations. Stay home if the weather is too hot or cold. Most dogs don't roam the desert so they may be new to new wildlife such as poisonous snakes, porcupines, or scorpions. Source a local vet close to where you will be camping in case of emergencies. Campgrounds should be set away from riverbeds or low ground to avoid flash floods. Beginner campers should stick to designated camping areas. Bring fresh water - at least a gallon or more per person or dog and more if physically active.

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