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Dog Park

Go To A Dog Park With Your Dog!

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    Go To A Dog Park With Your Dog!

    Special Interest: Outdoor Play

    Sometimes, dogs just want to run around with other dogs!

    Most dog parks are fenced in and require owners to un-leash their dogs to play. Some may offer agility equipment. Many parks do not allow outside treats and toys. Pay attention to park rules and you may even consider going during certain times of the day suitable to what’s best for your dog.

    What is your best moment at the dog park?

    Do you need to find a dog park in your city? Pawtivity tries to list the best adventure activities and events for dogs. We will only list a few dog parks as a standalone listing. Others will be contained in our Dog Park List by State. Just search for your state, followed by “dog park list” (example: California Dog Park List) and find the relevant article that will give you a quick summary of all known dog parks in your state. A quick google maps search by park name should get you the exact park address or location.


    Help a fellow dog owner! Do you have an adventure story? Contact us and we will link it to this pawtivity or event! Where did you go? What did you do? Please include any useful tips and advice that would help others!

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    Safety: Make sure your dog is well socialized and enjoys playing with other dogs! Your dog should also be vaccinated - check with your vet!

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