Double Dutch Jump Rope

Teach Your Dog To Double Dutch

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    Teach Your Dog To Double Dutch

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    Double Dutch is a jumprope game that usually involves at least 3 people and 1-2 jumpropes. In this version, you need 2 people to hold and swing one jumprope and your dog to jump in the middle. Your dog should already know how to jump on command and land at the same spot. If your dog tries to jump forward or backward too much, hold the treat above his head and then jump with your dog. Start with small jumps with the treat close to your dog and gradually increase the distance until you get higher jumps. Once mastered, have two people hold the ends of a long jumprope on the ground and stand between them with your dog. Repeat the jump exercise without moving the rope.

    Now, have the jumprope holders hold the rope a few inches off the ground. Your dog does not necessarily have to start jumping over the rope immediately, but get comfortable with the movement while you have him focus on you and getting a treat while jumping. Once your dog is comfortable, have the jumprope holders swing the jumprope side to side while you jump with your dog. Work your way up to longer swings.

    The next step is to make sure your dog is comfortable with a rope swinging overhead. Practice standing with your dog while the jumprope holders swing a rope over both of you. Practice this a few times and do repetitions of swinging overhead and then moving the jumprope side to side while you jump with your dog. You may want to break up your swings and jumps – swing overhead first then let the rope fall to the ground, then jump over whie you swing underneath, and then swing overhead again. Gradually mix everything together until you can jump with a smooth rotation of the jumprope. Then add in multiple jumps in a row.

    It may help to have your dog jump with you in place a few times and have your dog focus on you the whole time for a command on when to jump. You can even add in a gesture with the command to help your dog time his jumps with you better or use a clicker. Timing, practice, and patience is essential to mastering this activity. We love this activity since you can do it with friends and family. Plus, your dog gets a fun workout with his favorite human and really has to use his brain! Want an extra challenge? Add in another jumprope or jumper – dog or human.

    Master double dutch and share it with all of your family and friends! Of course, don’t forget to submit your photo or video to your Pawtivity album and earn points! Hopefully you completed all prior related pawtivities so you can see the progess you have made creating a double dutch dog!


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    Activities: Games, Tricks, Indoor Play, Jump

    TAGS: Double Dutch, Games, Jump, Play, Tricks

    Items Needed: Jumprope, At Least 2 People, Clicker (optional)

    Safety: Jumping may be hard on undeveloped bones and hips in dogs, especially among puppies and senior dogs. Please consult your vet if your dog is ready to jump. Don't overdue it and gradually work up your dog's ability to handle multiple jumps and prevent injury. Keep play sessions short so your dog wants to play more!

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