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Go Lure Coursing

Dog love to chase? This sport is just what he needs!

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    Dog love to chase? This sport is just what he needs!

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    Got a dog that loves to chase or that has high prey drive? Why not take them lure coursing! Lure coursing is typically a dog sport for sighthounds, but any dog can participate. A lure is attached to a string and pulled along the ground at a fast pace and distance, sometimes up to 1000 meters. Dogs run after the lure, but may come across some twists, turns, jumps, and other obstacles. A straight course is best if your dog is just starting out – they need to learn to go after the lure. Chase, chase, chase! Many sanctioned clubs offer practice run-thrus or lure coursing trials that your dog can attend.

    Want to try this at home first? Get some string, a lure, and a mechanical pully system. A simple search for “DIY Lure Coursing” on YouTube should get you a lot of different instructions for your own lure.

    If you are interested in competitive lure coursing, look into the ASFA (American Sighthound Field Association), AKC (American Kennel Club), CKC (Canadian Kennel Club), or FCI (Fédération Cynologique Internationale – Europe).

    Tell us about your dog’s first time lure coursing! How did you find out about lure coursing and get started?


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    Activities: Lure Coursing, Racing, Running

    TAGS: AKC, ASFA, Chase, CKC, Dog Racing, FCI, Lure, Lure Coursing, Prey Drive, Running, Sighthound

    Items Needed: There's not much that is needed other than leashes, harnesses and collars. Please remember to bring water and poop bags to the event. Some dogs that bark excessively may need to be put in a dog crate. Muzzles may also be required at some events.

    Safety: Please consult your vet and race officials for guidance. Dogs usually need to have a mature skeletel system and be at least 1 year old. This sport is pretty demanding on dogs - don't overdo it. You should have good recall on your dog.

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