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Huntington Dog Beach, CA

Take your dog to the beach!

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    Take your dog to the beach!

    Special Interest: Dog ParkGroup Play

    Huntington Dog Beach is located off PCH between Seapoint and 21st Street. Licensed and vaccinated dogs may come here for off leash play.

    Parking is along PCH at parking meters. Meter limits are 2 hours at $1.75 per hour. 2 more parking lots are located between Seapoint and Goldenwest.

    If you venture outside the dog beach, dogs are only allowed on a 6 ft. leash in the parking lot and multi-use trail only. They are not permitted on the regular beach and pier.


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    Location: Huntington Beach, CA | Orange County | California
    Activities: Dog Beach, Dog Park, Swimming, Surfing, Group Play, Sports – Water

    Safety: Your dog must have a license tag on their collar. No puppies under 4 months are allowed in the park.

    You must have good command of your dog at all times. The dog park is not fenced in, so if you use a leash if you don't have good recall on your dog.

    Please pick up after your dog. There are waste bags provided at the park.

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