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Jump Rope

Teach Your Dog To Jump Rope

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    Teach Your Dog To Jump Rope

    Special Interest: Games TricksIndoor Play

    Dogs love to jump. Plus, it’s a great form of indoor and outdoor exercise for your dog! Patience will be key to this exercise – you will have to teach your dog to jump, get comfortable with a swinging rope, and then jumping in time to the moving rope.

    Allow your dog to sniff the rope and become comfortable with it on the ground, in a raised position, and with a slight swinging motion. Next, line a jumprope on the ground (don’t hold it) and have your dog sit on the right side of the jumprope. While holding a treat in your right hand and standing at the end of the rope (dog still on your right) make a right to left sweeping motion and lure your dog over to the left side of the jumprope. Dogs pay attention to body language so make sure you are guiding them appropriately. Do this a few times and start adding in a “jump” command. When you dog jumps over to the left side give him a release command like “yes” or “ok” and reward him. Repeat the same exercise with your dog jumping from left to right.

    Now raise it up! Tie a jumprope on one end of the chair while you hold the other. Allow some slack in the jumprope and hold the rope a few inches from the ground. Repeat the previous exercise and ask your dog to jump over the jumprope. Gradually raise the jumprope forcing your dog to actually jump over.

    Challenge your dog further by adding some back and forth swinging motion to the jumprope! Of course start very slow at ground level with small swings and gradually raise the rope higher.

    Submit a photo or video of your dog jumping rope! Ready for some more challenges? Check out the next recommended pawtivities! Think you have a double dutch dog??



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    Activities: Games, Jump

    TAGS: Games, Indoor, Jump, Play

    Items Needed: Jumprope (or rope), Treats, Chair

    Safety: Jumping may be hard on undeveloped bones and hips in puppies and younger dogs. Please consult your vet if your dog is ready to jump. Don't overdue it and gradually work up your dog's ability to handle multiple jumps and prevent injury.

      Suggested Prerequisites:

    • Jump
    • Sit

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