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Jupiter, FL

Off Leash Beach Playground For Your Dog!

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    Off Leash Beach Playground For Your Dog!

    Special Interest: BeachDog ParkGreat OutdoorsHikingOutdoor PlaySports - WaterWalking

    Jupiter is home to a 2.5 mile long off leash playground for dogs, available year-round from beach marker #25 on Marcinski Road to beach marker #59 at the south end of Carlin Park. Jupiter only has 3.4 miles of beaches, so we love that so much of it is open to dogs! Besides the beach, there’s canoeing and hiking in the area too.

    A map of Jupiter’s Beaches is available from the Town of Jupiter website. There are several free parking lots in the area.

    Dogs must be well-behaved and respond to voice commands on the beach. They must have updated tags, licenses, and vaccinations. Leash your dog when you are out on lifeguarded beaches or walking to your car. Jupiter provides more tips for dogs on the beach.

    Thank you to the local residents who self-funded to made the effort to first make Jupiter’s beaches dog friendly and to the strong community for keeping the beach clean and available for dogs to enjoy everywhere. That said, please make every effort to keep the beach clean when you are out with your dog!


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    Location: Jupiter | Palm Beach County | Florida
    Activities: Beach, Swimming, Sports – Water, Outdoor, Dog Park, Off Leash Park, Canoeing, Boating, Hiking, Walking

    Items Needed: 6 Foot Leash, Poop Bags, Water, Paw Protection, Cooling Vest, Sun Protection, Insect Repellent

    Safety: There are strong currents, so pay attention to your dog if they are swimming in the ocean. There may be turtles and jellyfish in the area. Please restrain your dogs from going after wildlife. They should not approach turtles or turtle eggs.

    Remember to bring a lot of water and to keep your dog cool. You can bring cooling accessories with your and have a shady spot for your dog to rest.

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