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Teach Your Dog The Leave It Command

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    Teach Your Dog The Leave It Command

    Special Interest: Training

    Leave it is one the most basic commands all dogs should know. In fact, we consider it one of the most important as it could save your dog’s life. The command is used to tell your dog to leave something alone or not to go after something.

    To teach your dog the leave it command, make sure you use a treat that your dog loves. Drop a treat on the floor and cover it with your foot. Your dog will probably go after the treat. Leave your foot over the treat and say “leave it.” Wait patiently until your your dog backs away from the treat on the floor. A soon as he backs away, give him a release command such as “yes” or “ok” and reward him with a different treat. Challenge your dog further by having your dog look at you before you reward, by leaving your foot off the treat on the floor, or by throwing a treat on the floor. It’s important that you never give your dog the treat that was on the floor. You want him to know that that is always off limits. Always give him a different treat. Use the leave it command on shoes, the remote control, kid toys, or anything else you don’t want your dog to chew up. You can also use the leave it command if your dog is trying to eat something off the floor or ready to chase after squirrels. If your dog has a hard time with this command, try using a higher value treat to reward with than the treat on the the floor.

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    Activities: Training, Obedience

    TAGS: Basic Commands, Obedience, Training

    Items Needed: Treats

    Safety: If your dog has a special condition or problems with his joints consult your vet.

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