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Mammoth Cave National Park, KY

One of the best parks in Kentucky!

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    One of the best parks in Kentucky!

    Special Interest: BikingCampingHiking

    Mammoth Cave National Park is known for having one of the longest limestone cave systems in the world. Dogs are not allowed inside the cave, but are allowed on hiking trails, campgrounds and Woodland Cottages. A map of the whole park is available to give you a great overview of the park. If you visit the caves, you can leave your dog at an outdoor kennel at Mammoth Cave Hotel.

    There are 70 miles of hiking trails in the park and several campgrounds that are dog friendly. Biking is also permitted inside the park on certain trails.


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    Location: Mammoth Cave, KY | Kentucky
    Activities: Hiking, Camping, Biking

    TAGS: Biking, Camping, Hiking, Mammoth

    Items Needed: Water, Poop Bags or Shovel, First Aid Kit, Tick Removal Tool, 6 Foot Non-Retractable Leash or Hands-Free Leash, Paw Protection, Reflective Gear On Your Dog, Other Appropriate Gear & Food

    Safety: Please consult your vet before hiking with your dog, especially if you have a puppy or a dog that is not fully vaccinated. It's best not to go when it is too cold or hot. Remember to take small and steady water breaks to prevent bloat or water intoxication. And don't forget to check the paws! Watch your footing and steer clear of wild animals. Please follow pet guidelines.

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