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    Special Interest: Games TricksIndoor Play

    This is a great indoor brain game to play with your dog. The setup is easy – put treats in half of your muffin tin and cover all holes with balls large enough to cover the treats. Ask your dog to “find it.” If your dog wants a treat, he will have to figure out where the treat is located and then pick up the ball to uncover a treat. Encourage your dog to play by lifing up one ball and revealing the treat underneath. Once your dog gets his treat, replace the ball back where it was to make the game more challenging. Your dog will have to remember where he looked before.

    How long did it take your dog to uncover all the treats? Submit a photo or video of your dog playing! Did you make any changes to the game? What changes?


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    Activities: Games, Tracking, Nose Work, Training, Indoor Play

    TAGS: Brain Game, Indoor, Nose Work, Tracking

    Items Needed: Muffin Tin, Balls (that fit muffin tin), Treats

    Safety: Some dogs may decide they just don't want to play the game and uncover all the balls at once from the tray just to get to the treats! (Reminds us of 52 pickup with poker cards.) If your dog does this... well he's one sly dog. Watch out for flying balls and end play immediately. It's best to teach your dog that he must play the game in order to get treats.

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