Teach Your Dog the Off Command

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    Teach Your Dog the Off Command

    Special Interest: Training

    While this is not considered a basic command, it is a very useful one for general obedience. Your dog should know the sit command before teaching him “off.” The off command can be used to let your dog know not to put his paws on the dinner table, sit on the sofa, or jump on someone at a greeting. By saying “off” you are telling your dog to put all of his paws on the floor.

    There are many ways to teach the off command but be consistent. If you don’t want your dog on the sofa, then he should never be on the sofa unless you specifically invite him to. When do you use the “off” command with your dog? Submit a photo or video to claim your points!

    To teach your dog the off command, hold a treat inside a closed fist, palm down. Your dog will probably be curious and try to paw at the treat. Wait until your dog settles down with all four paws on the ground. As soon as your dog does this, give him a release command such as “yes” or “ok” and give him the treat. Practice this a few times. Now make it more challenging by having your dog back off and look at you before giving him the treat. Once your dog does this a few times, add in the “off” command or “off sit” command to make it more clear to your dog to back off. If you are trying to stop your dog from jumping on someone at a greeting, try having the person turn away or walk away from the dog and only turn back to treat when the dog is calm with all paws on the ground. Your dog needs to understand that there is no contact at all until he is calm.

    Submit a photo or video to claim your points!


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    Activities: Training, Obedience

    TAGS: Basic Commands, Obedience, Training

    Items Needed: Treats

    Safety: If your dog has a special condition or problems with his joints consult your vet.

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