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Teach Your Dog To Open The Door

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    Teach Your Dog To Open The Door

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    Don’t have a free hand? Ask your dog to open the door for you! He’ll be so happy to do so. Your dog should already know how to Play Tug for this trick. It will also help for your dog to know how to Shut the Door as well (or you’ll have to walk over and shut the door for him). Make sure your dog is comfortable tugging a long rope or towel on command and that can be tied to a door.

    Let’s get started: Tie your dog’s tug toy on a cabinet or refrigerator door – or a door that does not require a twist to open. Ask your dog to “tug” his toy. Give him a treat when he does. Gradually delay his reward until your dog actually opens the door. Then give him a lot of treats and praise for doing this. When your dog actually does start opening the door start replacing “tug” with the command “open door.”

    Now its time to add some distance! Repeat the exercises above but gradually increase the distance your dog is away from the door. A few feet is fine to start with. You’ll want to get to the point where all you have to say is open door and your dog will know to open the door that his tug toy is attached to.

    Submit a photo or video of your dog opening the door! You might as well teach him to get you a drink now!


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    Activities: Tricks, Training, Indoor Play

    TAGS: Indoor, Tricks

    Items Needed: Rope or Towel Tug Toy, Treats, Door

    Safety: If your dog has a special condition or problems with his joints consult your vet. Choose a door that your dog can open easily at his height and strength level.

      Suggested Prerequisites:

    • Sit
    • Stay

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