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Patapsco Valley State Park, MD

Features 200 hiking trails and more dog friendly fun!

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    Features 200 hiking trails and more dog friendly fun!

    Special Interest: Great OutdoorsHikingSports - Winter

    Patapsco Valley State Park (Ellicott City, MD) runs along 32 miles of the Patapsco River and features many amenities such as hiking, biking, horseback riding, fishing, camping, canoeing and more. Hikers will love choosing from a huge variety of trails (70 miles of 200 miles are well maintained) that run along or near the river, some with waterfalls and Indian ruins.

    This is a beautiful area that would take anyone years to explore fully. The park consists of several areas, each with their own set of hiking trails. Park maps of all the areas are available for download online as a .pdf file. We picked out a few trails to get your started. To find the actual trail map, go to the park website and download the map for the specific area.

    Avalon/Glen Artney/Orange Grove Areas:

    • Avalon Loop Trail (GPS Coordinates 39.22742, -76.72596 Map)
    • Cascade Trail (GPS Coordinates 39.240909, -76.750015 Map)
    • Soapstone Trail (GPS Coordinates 39.244713, -76.719053 Map)
    • Hilltop Area Trail / Hilltop Trail to Sawmill Branch Trail to Grist Mill Trail Loop (GPS Coordinates 39.2527717, -76.7602354 Map).
    • Grist Mill is a paved trail that can be used for biking, cross-country skiing, wheelchairs, and strollers. (GPS Coordinates 39.249213, -76.764768 Map)

    Daniels Area:

    • Granite Woodstock Trail / Thru Trail (GPS Coordinates 39.332566, -76.869151 Map) This trail is not well maintained, but still a great option if you want to really explore the area.


    Before you go, make sure you know what the park’s policies are on pets. In general, pets must be leashed except when swimming or hunting with permit. Pets are not allowed in the Patapsco – Pikall area. A full list of where pets are allowed by general area, not by specific trail, can be found here.

    Online camping reservations are available through Maryland’s Department of Natural Resources website or by calling 1-888-432-2267. Each booking is $6.25 – make sure you choose a ‘pet-friendly’ designated campsite. Pets are allowed at the Patapsco Valley – Hollofield campgrounds. Pet loops are provided. A camp guide is also available here.

    Take a photo of your dog at Patapsco Valley State Park! What area and trail did you go to? What did you like most about the trail? Do you have GPS coordinates for your favorite spots?


    Help a fellow dog owner! Do you have an adventure story? Contact us and we will link it to this pawtivity or event! Where did you go? What did you do? Please include any useful tips and advice that would help others!

    Location: Elliott City, MD | Howard County | Maryland
    GPS Coordinates: GPS Coordinates: 39.29585, -76.79084  Map
    Activities: Camping, Backpacking, Biking, Fishing, Hiking, Walking, Kayaking, Horseback Riding, Swimming, Hunting, Cross-Country Skiing, Snowshoeing, Bikejoring, Skijoring

    TAGS: Bikejoring, Biking, Camping, Canoeing, Creek, Cross-country Skiing, Ellicott City, Fishing, Hiking, Horseback Riding, Hunting, Kayaking, Leash, Maryland, Patapsco, Patapsco Valley State Park, River, Skijoring, Snowshoeing, Swimming, Walking, Waterfall

    Items Needed: Water, Poop Bags, First Aid Kit, Tick Removal Tool, 6 Foot Non-Retractable Leash or Hands-Free Leash, Paw Protection, Reflective Gear On Your Dog, Other Appropriate Gear & Food.

    Safety: Please consult your vet before hiking with your dog, especially if you have a puppy or a dog that is not fully vaccinated. It's best not to go when it is too cold or hot. Pay attention to your dog's abilities and start slow. Remember to take small and steady water breaks to prevent bloat or water intoxication. And don't forget to check the paws! Watch your footing and steer clear of wild animals. Please follow leash laws and have good recall on your dog.

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