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Pilgrim Bark Park, MA

One of the nation's best dog park!

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    One of the nation's best dog park!

    Special Interest: Dog Park

    Pilgrim Bark Park (Provincetown, MA) is an acre of off-leash play for dogs. The park was named after the first explorers of Cape Code, which includes a English Mastiff and English Springer Spaniel who were both aboard the Mayflower when it landed in Provincetown. The park has a section separated for small dogs and features a lot of sculptures in the park. Provincetown is very dog friendly, so take your dog out for a stroll in town and a bite to eat after playing! You could enjoy the rest of the day biking and playing at Cape Cod National Seashore.

    Visit the park’s website or facebook page for more information.


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    Location: Provincetown, MA | Cape Cod | Massachusetts
    Activities: Dog Park

    Items Needed: Poop Bags, Water, Paw Protection, Sun Protection, First Aid

    Safety: Please follow rules and regulations provided by the dog park. Generally, dogs should be fully vaccinated and non-aggressive towards other dogs.

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