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Puppy Sprawl / Superman

Catch your dog sleeping on his belly with legs all out!

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    Catch your dog sleeping on his belly with legs all out!

    Special Interest: Just for FunPuppies

    Puppies love to lay on their bellies with their legs all the way out. Also known as the “Superman” pose, we like how Dogtime explained this in their article about doggy sleeping positions – “Dogs that sleep in this position don’t want to miss a chance to be in the action, even while they’re napping. It’s the position of choice for high-energy pups or pups who get sleepy during play and just want to plop down where they’re standing.”

    Of course! Our pups just want to be ready for action. We don’t know if this explanation is correct, but either way – the position is adorable.

    Snap a photo and share with us!


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    Activities: Just For Fun, Photo, Puppy

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