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Red Light Green Light

Master Red Light Green Light

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    Master Red Light Green Light

    Special Interest: Games Tricks

    This is a fun, simple game of stop and go that teaches your dog impulse control. You can also play this with others – adults, kids, or dogs. Start by electing a leader who will shout out commands – or make this leader the person who has a dog new to the game. Put your dog’s leash on and ask him to sit and stay next to you. Everyone else will stand in line side by side. Stagger the line so no two dogs are next to each other.

    The leader will shout out the commands “go” and “stop” (stay), or you could use the commands “green light” (go) and “red light” (stop). When the leader calls out “go”, walk forward and put a treat in front of your dog to get him to walk forward with you. Once he does, give him a treat. Give your dog bonus treats if he also sits and looks at you after walking forward and stopping with you. When the leader calls out “stop”, stop and ask your dog to stay. Follow up with a treat.

    Make the game even more challenging by adding commands “left” and “right” or other tricks that you can teach your dog! Pracitice going faster and slower! Add crazy tricks or stunts for pairs of humans and dogs to do together. Eliminate human dog teams if they fail to do a command correctly – and of course winner goes to the last team standing!

    Submit a photo or video of your dog playing Red Light Green Light! How did he do? Did you play with others? Did you add any special tricks to the game?


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    Activities: Games, Training, Indoor Play

    TAGS: Impulse Control, Kids, Leash, Obedience, Training, Walking

    Items Needed: Treats

    Safety: If your dog has a special condition or problems with his joints consult your vet. It's best to play this game with dogs that are not aggressive towards other dogs. Keep playtime to about 15-20 minutes long or provide frequent breaks.

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