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Shenandoah National Park, VA

An endless amount of trails to explore!

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    An endless amount of trails to explore!

    Special Interest: BikingCampingGreat OutdoorsHikingWalking

    There are over 500 trails to explore at the Shenandoah National Park (Luray, VA). Shenandoah is a wooded wonderland with cascading waterfalls, ample wildlife, beautiful four seasons foliage, and awe-inspiring solitude. The Appalachian Trail passes through the park.

    Hiking trails range from easy to very difficult. Start planning for your trip out by reviewing a map of the entire area. More maps are available on the National Park Service website. The park gives a very long list of suggested hikes, but chose some favorite trails for you: Whiteoak Canyon with 6 waterfalls, Marys Rock for an awesome view, Rose River for fun water play, Hawksbill Gap for the highest point in the park, and Overall Run Trail to see the tallest waterfall in the park at 93 feet. If you don’t want to get out of the car, you can always drive on Skyline Drive and stop at the many scenic overlooks along the route.

    Visitors may stay overnight at several established campgrounds in the area or go backcountry camping. Two of the most popular campgrounds are Big Mountain and Loft Mountain with plenty of trails that extend from the campgrounds. For lodge camping, consider staying at Lewis Mountain.

    Dogs are allowed on all trailson a 6 foot leash except those noted below. Entry to the park requires an entry fee (Individual $10, Vehicle $25). Annual passes are avialable for $80. Before you go, check out area closures and alerts.

    Dogs are not allowed on these trails: Fox Hollow Trail, Stony Man Trail – except for portion that follows the Appalachian Trail, Limberlost Trail, Post Office Junction to Old Rag Shelter, Old Rag Ridge Trail, Old Rag Saddle Trail, Dark Hollow Falls Trail, Story of the Forest Trail, Bearfence Mountain Trail, Frazier Discovery Trail

    One of the best times of year to go to the park is during the fall, especially during the 3rd week of October as the fall colors come in and create breathtaking, sweeping views of the valleys. The best way to see the fall foliage is by driving on Skyline Drive. Some take the tough day-long, 8 mile climb up Old Rag Mountain to see an incredible view. Dogs must climb up via Nicholson Hollow Trail.

    Don’t forget to play John Denver’s “Country Roads” song as you drive to Shenandoah National Park! 🙂 Just saying. And don’t forget to take a photo of your dog! What trail did you go on? Why did your dog like it?


    Help a fellow dog owner! Do you have an adventure story? Contact us and we will link it to this pawtivity or event! Where did you go? What did you do? Please include any useful tips and advice that would help others!

    Location: Luray, VA | Shenandoah Valley  |  Virginia
    Activities: Hiking, Camping, Sightseeing, Biking, Fishing, Backpacking, Walking, Water Play

    TAGS: Backpacking, Biking, Camping, Fishing, Hiking

    Items Needed: Water, Poop Bags or Shovel, First Aid Kit, Tick Removal Tool, 6 Foot Non-Retractable Leash or Hands-Free Leash, Paw Protection, Reflective Gear On Your Dog, Other Appropriate Gear & Food

    Safety: Please consult your vet before hiking with your dog, especially if you have a puppy or a dog that is not fully vaccinated. It's best not to go when it is too cold or hot. Pay attention to your dog's abilities and start slow. Remember to take small and steady water breaks to prevent bloat or water intoxication. And don't forget to check the paws! Watch your footing and steer clear of wild animals. Please follow leash laws and have good recall on your dog. Not all dogs are suitable for long hikes. Please be aware that some wild animals, such as coyotes, may actually be attracted to the presence of a dog. While Shenandoah does not allow hunting, nearby areas may allow hunting. If you are near those areas, put an orange vest on you and your dog so you are visible to hunters.

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