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Teach Your Dog To Shut The Door

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    Teach Your Dog To Shut The Door

    Special Interest: Games TricksIndoor Play

    This is a great trick, especially if your buddy is always looking for something to do! Next time you do errands around the house, give your dog a job and make him close the door or drawer for you! This trick requires that your dog close the door with this nose. If you want to have your dog close the door with his paws only, train your dog to target using his paws instead of his nose.

    The first step in teaching your dog to shut the door or drawer is to teach him to target. This is very similar to come/touch but you want to use an object to cue your dog to touch his nose (or paw) at the end of a stick, specific colored dot, or Post-it note. Targeting will help your dog with many tricks. Take your object and hold it up in front of your dog. As soon a your dog comes near or touches the object with his nose say “yes” and give your dog a treat. Eventually, work up to the point where you can ask your dog to “target” and your dog will touch his nose (or paw) on the object for a treat.

    Now you can use this target to direct your dog where to point his nose (or paw)! Place the object on an open door or drawer and ask your dog to “target.” Give him praise and a treat when your dog touches the door or drawer. Then, treat only when your dog even gently pushes the door or drawer consistenly. Add in a new command of “shut door” and try having your dog walk further to push the door by throwing a treat out a few feet away. Progress in your training by delaying the treat reward until your dog is applying enough force to actually close the door or drawer.

    How long did it take you to train your dog? Submit a photo or video of your dog closing the door or drawer! How many can he do in a row?


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    Activities: Tricks, Training, Indoor Play

    TAGS: Indoor, Target, Tricks

    Items Needed: Treats, Door or Low Drawer

    Safety: If your dog has a special condition or problems with his joints consult your vet. Once your dog knows how to shut doors, make sure that locks are unlocked...you never know if your dog will try to shut the backdoor and lock you out of the house!! You'll also want to make sure your dog's nails are properly trimmed to avoid damage on your door or drawers. If your dog is closing drawers, try to have him close something that is relatively level to his height and that he can realistically push.

      Suggested Prerequisites:

    • Sit
    • Stay

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