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Stairway Chase

An indoor exercise that's easy to do!

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    An indoor exercise that's easy to do!

    Special Interest: AgilityGames TricksIndoor PlayRunning

    Stairway chase is a game that can be played on a rainy day for any dog that loves to play fetch! Just throw a ball up the stairs for your dog to retrieve and bring back to you.

    Start at the bottom of the stairs and ask your dog to sit. Then, give him a command such as “go” or “ok” and have him race up the stairs to bring the ball back to you. Rev your dog up even more by holding his harness or collar before letting him get the ball. Going up the stairs requires more effort than going down, so you can play this with your dog for about 10 minutes to get him really well exercised!

    Doing this often will get your dog in really good shape and develop better agility and coordination. Does your dog have high prey drive or herding instincts? Mix in some fun by tossing up an erratic ball, kong, large soccer ball or even a big yoga ball.

    Take a photo of your dog playing this game with you! How long did you play before your dog was good and done?


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    Activities: Games, Fetch, Indoor Play, Agility

    TAGS: Chase, Fetch

    Items Needed: Ball, Treats (optional)

    Safety: Please consult your vet before playing this game. It is strongly discouraged to play this with puppies. Pay attention to slippery services or nearby items that may injure your dog.

      Suggested Prerequisites:

    • Sit
    • Stay

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