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Play Tag With Your Dog

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    Play Tag With Your Dog

    Special Interest: Running

    Tag is a fun game that you can play with your dog and at least one other person. It’s also a fun way to practice recall with your dog! To play, each person stands on different sides of a room with a handful of treats. One person calls their dog to them, either by using the touch/come command or by calling the dog’s name. When the dog comes up to the caller, reward with a treat. Now the second person calls to the dog and rewards only when the dog comes over to them. Challenge the game even more by standing in different rooms, hiding or by adding a third person. If your dog has trouble coming to you, try running away from him so that he chases you. Then stop, stand in front of your dog, and ask him to sit before rewarding him with a treat.

    Take a picture or video of your dog playing tag with you! Did you challenge your dog in any way? How?


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    Activities: Running, Games

    TAGS: Games, Recall, Running

    Items Needed: Treats, At Least 2 Human Players

    Safety: You can play this with any dog, as play can be varied to suit your needs. You should still consult your vet for guidance on appropriate level of play.

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