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Take Sheep

Teach Your Dog "Sheep" or to Take An Object

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    Teach Your Dog "Sheep" or to Take An Object

    Special Interest: Indoor PlayJust for Fun

    This is a cute game for the family border collie – one who was bred to herd sheep but will never really do so. Or course you don’t have to have a border collie to play this game!

    Find an object, like a stuffed sheep toy, and have your dog take the sheep by holding it in your hand in front of your dog. If your dog already knows the command for “take” you can use it here. When your dog takes the sheep, praise him with praise, play, or treats. It may help to reward as soon as your dog moves toward, sniffs, or touches the toy. Then, reward only when he makes slow progress towards actually taking the toy. Once your dog knows to “take” the toy, replace “take” with “sheep” (or other appropriate word). Now you are teaching your dog some vocab! Make the game extra fun by hiding the sheep and having your dog find his sheep. Dogs are great at sniffing out their toys, especially if they’ve already slobbered over it!

    Take a picture of your dog with his sheep.


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    Activities: Indoor Play, Just For Fun

    TAGS: Game, Play, Sheep, Take

    Items Needed: "Sheep" item, treats

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