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Team Jump Rope

Teach Your Dog To Jump Rope With You

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    Teach Your Dog To Jump Rope With You

    Special Interest: Games TricksIndoor Play

    This is an advanced skill for your dog and something that should be taught over time, step by step, and with patience. Your dog should already know how to Jump and Jump Rope.

    Grab each end of a jumprope and let the jumprope trail on the ground in front of you. Have your dog sit in front of the rope and ask him to jump. Your dog should jump in place. Once your dog is consistently jumping in place, jump up a few inches off the ground with your dog but keep the jumprope behind you and your dog. Make sure your dog is focused on you and not on the jumprope behind him.

    Now you want to start introducing an overhead and bottom swing to your dog. More importantly, you need to get your dog comfortable and desensitized to these swings while keeping a focus on you and jumping.

    Lets start with the bottom swing: Continue what you were doing before but swing the rope below your dog until it lands at your feet (don’t jump with your dog). Reward when your dog jumps over the rope. Once your dog is more comfortable with the bottom swing, start jumping with your dog.

    On to the overhead swing: These swings usually take a longer time to master so patience is key – you can’t just expect your dog to get comfortable right away. Start by just making an overhead swing until it lands behind you and your dog. Reward and praise your dog if he does not move and is still focused on you.

    It’s time to combine the overhead and bottom swings together! Continue to delay your motions and work gradually towards making continuous swings. Once you have a continuous swing and jump, try jumping faster and then work on adding multiple jumps in a row! It may help to practice jumping rope on your own to develop a good sense of when you and your dog need to jump. In addition to the command “jump” your dog will also start looking for certain gestures based on how you jump rope as cues for when to jump – make sure you time the jump and your gestures consistently. It will take some time to develop this.

    We want to see a photo or video of your dog jumping rope! How long did it take to learn this? Any additional tips for others teaching their dog to jump rope?


    Help a fellow dog owner! Do you have an adventure story? Contact us and we will link it to this pawtivity or event! Where did you go? What did you do? Please include any useful tips and advice that would help others!

    Activities: Games, Tricks, Indoor Play, Jump

    TAGS: Games, Jump, Play, Tricks

    Items Needed: Jumprope, Treats (optional)

    Safety: Jumping may be hard on undeveloped bones and hips in dogs, especially among puppies and senior dogs. Please consult your vet if your dog is ready to jump. Don't overdue it and gradually work up your dog's ability to handle multiple jumps and prevent injury. Keep play sessions short so your dog wants to play more!

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