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Walk Backwards

Teach Your Dog To Walk Backwards

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    Teach Your Dog To Walk Backwards

    Special Interest: Games Tricks

    This is a great skill for your dog to learn, especially for improving agility and coordination. You can also use this trick in freestyle routines.

    Stand directly in front of your dog. Walk forward while you use the “back” command along with a hand gesture of your choice. You will be forcing your dog to walk back but as soon as he does say “yes” or “ok” and give him a treat. Practice this until your dog can go back at just a command and/or hand gesture.

    Challenge your dog further by making him go back until you give him a release command of “yes” or “ok.” At that point, you can also ask him to sit. Then, walk towards your dog and give him a treat. You can also introduce low obstacles, starting at ground level, that makes your dog lift his leg while walking back. Dogs are not always aware of their hind legs so this is great training that also exercises their mind. Dog not walking back straight? Try practicing in a hallway or walk back straight with your dog while you hold a treat in your hand.

    Submit a photo or video of your dog walking backwards! Did you combine this with another trick? We want to see! Any additional tips for others?


    Help a fellow dog owner! Do you have an adventure story? Contact us and we will link it to this pawtivity or event! Where did you go? What did you do? Please include any useful tips and advice that would help others!

    Activities: Tricks, Training

    TAGS: Agility, Dance, Disc, Freestyle, Obedience, Tricks

    Items Needed: Treats

    Safety: If your dog has a special condition or problems with his joints consult your vet.

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