Who Are You? (March)

Introduce yourself to the Pawtivity community!

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    Introduce yourself to the Pawtivity community!

    Special Interest: Community

    Thank you for joining Pawtivity – Open Beta. As one of the first members, you play a key role in defining our community.

    Monthly Challenges are designed to highlight an activity we want users to try each month. Since we are just getting started, we thought we would use this space now as an opportunity to introduce ourselves to each other!

    Please submit a photo of you and your dog (or even your profile photo) and include:

    1. A one sentence greeting & description about you and your dog(s)?
    2. What you and your dog(s) love to do?
    3. What you really want to gain from joining the Pawtivity community?
    4. What are you planning to do next?

    Items Needed: No items needed, but photos will show up here in the completion gallery. Browse everyone's entry and see if there's someone you would like to friend! Just click on their profile and add them as a friend. The option will appear if they allow others to friend them.

    Suggested Prerequisites: -

    Who's Doing This?

    Completion Gallery

    Did you complete this pawtivity? Share your experience with others by uploading a photo. Earn points toward becoming top dog on the leaderboard.

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