Earn points for every pawtivity or event that you do. Share your completed pawtivities and events with your friends.

Adventures We Love

Play Red Light Green Light With Your Dog
Lake Forest View
Teach Your Dog To Catch A Frisbee/Disc
Dog jumping over a panel jump on an outdoor agility course.
White Sands National Monument, NM

How to Earn Points

Complete a Monthly Activity Challenge or Special Contest

Each month we feature a new activity challenge. Earn extra points or win sponsored rewards with each activity challenge that you complete. View Activity Challenge

  • points monthly challenge
  • points pictures
  • points gifts
  • points ribons
  • points money

Complete a Pawtivity

Find a new adventure and activity for you and your dog.

The higher you go, the more points you can earn.

  • Start with the basics and progress higher by special interest
  • The hardest activities earn the most points.
  • Completed related pawtivities to challenge you and your dog
  • View All Pawtivities / Events

Attend an Event

Choose from so many events sponsored by community organizations and within Pawtivity groups. View All Pawtivities / Events

Attend event to get points

Help out at local shelters

Help out an Animal Shelter or Rescue Group

Support your local organization for a big boost in points and to help dogs find their new family. View All Pawtivities / Events

Show Some Pawtivity Love

Get more involved with groups on Pawtivity and share your love of the community with your friends.

Complete the steps, Show your love for Pawtivity

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