Start and Finish Your Bucket List (Adventure List)

Everyone should have a bucket list. And we think every dog should have their own as well!

We give you our top reasons why you should start your own bucket list and tips for how to actually finish your list!

We hate the term “bucket list” because it implies that there is some finality to life. The definition of a bucket list according to Merriam-Webster Dictionary is “a list of things that one has not done before but wants to do before dying,” We would rather live our life as we want to every day and so we will call our “bucket list” our Adventure List instead.

Keep in mind that our Adventure List should not be a to-do list of daily tasks. It should include items of things that you want to do, not out of necessity but out of pure passion!

Don’t delay, just do it. Start jotting down your Adventure List today.





Be Happy, Now

There are so many everyday distractions. We need a bucket list to keep us on track to what we really want to do, what makes us truly happy.

Don’t wait to do things on your adventure list or you may find yourself in a situation where you can’t actually do so anymore.

Get Your Weekly Revitalization

We all need some hobby, sport, project, or passion to keep our minds active and challenged. It’s also good to do something that you have control over, because there’s so much in our lives that we often don’t have any control of!

Doing something that you can call your own makes you more interesting as an individual. It also gives you a place to challenge yourself creatively, physically, and/or mentally. Do something for yourself! When you accomplish something, you build up confidence in yourself which carries on into so many other things in your life. You also create a de-stressor in your life.

Get your weekly revitalization in by doing something you love. Refresh your spirit.

Be Known For Something

What do you want to accomplish in your life? Whatever it is, you have to work towards it! So many of us focus on our jobs and career towards accomplishing things, but life isn’t all about your job. What else do you want others to recognize you by? It can’t just be all about your job.

Think about your hobbies and passions as something you need to build up. You can’t climb the tallest summit unless you start hiking more and at higher elevations. You have to start somewhere and climb yourself to the top step by step. In all, you have to start somewhere or you’ll never get to where you see yourself.

Meet Other People Like You

One of the best reasons to start your own adventure list is to find others, like you, who share your same interests. Once you get started, it’s so easy to meet others. You can only learn so much if you live in your own box. Get out of the box, open your eyes, and challenge yourself further!



1 Write It Down – The Most Important Step!

Brain dump! The first things you should do is to write down everything you want to do, even as farfetched as it may seem now. It may also help to categorize what type of activity each item belongs to so you can group items easily later.

In all, the main thing you need is a list! Find a system that works for you, whether it’s a bullet journal or a just piece of paper! Write your list somewhere you can always refer back to later.


In my Adventure List above, I jot down what I want to do, the associated category and who in my family I do the item with. The category I use for items related to Carmella, my dog, is the same as the special interest on Pawtivity – that way I can match up our items with our own Pawtivity lists. I note any relevant timelines. For example, I’ve always wanted to attend La Tomatina Festival in Spain, so I’ve noted that this is usually held in Late August.

I keep my list in Google Docs. My family and friends joke that I create all my lists in Google Docs, but it really does keep things organized and manageable! Plus, I won’t lose it and can access it anywhere with an internet connection.

I also save relevant pawtivities for Carmella on periodically so I can see who else is completing the same item. Sometimes it’s easier to do things by learning from others who have been there, done that! It’s nice to have somewhere to go to for advice.

2 Prioritize Your Adventure List By Category

Now, look at your Adventure List and prioritize them within each category from easiest to hardest. The easiest should be something that you can do this year with the least effort, training, or equipment. The hardest may require you to learn or do something before.

Now, you have a list that can serve as your main Adventure List. Refer back to it periodically and hang it up so you always remember to keep at it! Have a new item to add? It’s easy for me to add it in Google Docs!

3 Plan Out Each Season’s List Separately

Now that you have an Adventure List sorted by category, start creating your Season List. This is a list of everything you want to do for that particular season. We break up into season so that you won’t be overwhelmed by a long list. Start with a few and focus on those. Then, move on to the next.

Starting with the easiest items, start planning which ones you will do for the current season (Summer 2018) and beyond. Then, write down what month you plan to do that activity.

In my list, you can see that I’ve color coded each upcoming season. I’ve noted some items to do for Fall, Winter, and Spring but my main focus is the current season, Summer.

Think of any other requirements that are necessary to complete an item and add a new entry to your Season List. In my example above, I wanted to complete an Obstacle Race in Spring 2019, so included other items that would help me get there. I wrote “Training for Obstacle Course Race Mud Run” in a new Notes column on my sheet.

4 Book It – Fill Your Calendar

Now with your Season List in hand, start booking time in your calendar to accomplish everything! Write everything in your calendar, down to each training session. That way, you’ll make sure you blocked off time to accomplish everything on your list!

When I complete an entry, I move it to a Completed Adventure List. I love looking at my completed list from time to time because it’s a list of my lifelong accomplishments to date. They include things that I’m passionate about. Some of the items that are already on my list include: Run A Marathon, Cross-Country Roadtrip (US), and Learn To Dive.

5 Keep an Adventure List Photo Journal

Now that you’ve spent some time creating your Adventure List, it would be a shame not to document your experiences! The best way to do that is by taking photos!

At Pawtivity, we have created a system where you can track your adventures by uploading photos by special interest and date. You can keep an easy journal of your adventures on Pawtivity and meet other people who love to do what you do at the same time! We always think it’s more fun to do things with others and learn from others who have been there done that.

Share your adventure story with us and we will publish it on Pawtivity!

What do you really want to do? Stop delaying and create your adventure list to get you on the path to doing what you’ve always wanted to do.

Happy Adventuring,

Carol and Carmella
President & Pup, Pawtivity

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President & Pup of

Carmella Is One Crazy Pup!

DAD: I’m allergic to cats.

MOM: I’m allergic to dogs.

KID ME: …What?! Really??? Do we have to get another bird?
In hindsight I probably would have been right there with my parents – no dog. Why would I want to take care of a dog on top of 4 annoying kids? No way. Still, I had always wanted a dog and by the time I got my own place, my first purchase for my new home was the perfect dog. I had waited three whole decades! It was time.

I don’t know what people expect when they buy a dog. I think many, if not all, see a dog as a fun companion and big stress reliever. They just make you happy and they’re so stinkin’ cute! Dogs teach us how to be carefree and get us out there to do more. We have one life to live, so make the most of it!

I knew I wanted a dog who would enjoy the outdoors with me. I love hiking, camping and going to the beach – all the more fun with a silly, furry sidekick at your heel to make the outing more enjoyable! I also wanted to find a dog that I could do some solo runs with and not feel creeped out being on the trail by myself. The forest can be a dark, dark place you know?!? My dog also had to be able to stand up on its own so I could worry less if we were outside. I think part of me also saw a dog as a stress reliever, something far removed away from the work world, to make me feel grounded and as a constant reminder to stop and to take it all in. We need that in our lives.

Finding a dog is hard! It also takes a long time! You know you should start considering the type of qualities, behaviors, or care requirements of a dog or breed of dog. My first choice was to get the classic Southern California choice of dog – the labrador, a chocolate one. It would have certainly fit my Southern Californian lifestyle, but my apartment would not permit larger dogs.

And now, all I have to say is… there’s just too many photos of cute puppies online to get distracted by! That’s how I came across the Patterdale Terrier. They kind of look like a chocolate lab… oh so cute, so cute… yep sucked right in. This is completely the wrong way to pick a dog, but it was that easy of a choice for me. All reason went out the window. Enter, Carmella.



Carmella Is One Cute Patterdale Terrier!


It was love at first sight. I drove 2 hours to go see a litter of newborn chocolate patterdale pups and was surprised to see them starting back at me with the most incredible blue eyes. Sadly, I don’t have a picture of this. I learned later that the litter was born on my birthday on October 5th – so it must be destiny right? I just had to take one home! … yep sucked right in again. I didn’t know what I was getting myself into.

Each day was a new discovery into who Carmella was and what she liked to do. A few things were very clear – she never seemed to tire and always wanted to play! Always! I remember thinking how much she reminded me of a proud little deer as a puppy because she zoomed around everywhere and had this hop hop hop about her as she pranced around my feet and darted across the room. Carmella was sure a boundless little furball of energy! She never tires, even now at 5 years old!

The first few months were rather rough. Puppy teeth are sharp and puppy frenzy was sometimes at it’s worst. She’d make these crazy wild dashes around the room or spin around and then jump all over the place. She loved to chase after everything and always had a ball next to her to play with. I still love to watch her on her back pawing and mouthing away at a ball. I knew apartment life was not for her when I came home one day to find a 4 foot section of carpet ripped down to the sponge padding. All this from a 10 inch long cuddly monster I could pick up with one hand. The damage was done and we left apartment life for the better. I needed to find better outlets for her to play and help her be the dog she truly is.

The video below gives you a glimpse of her puppy energy. Here she is chasing another dog, Nala, 3 years older than her. Carmella sure is one crazy pup! And I love her for it. The video isn’t the best as Carmella clearly attacks the video taker huddled in the corner of the sofa…. watch and enjoy! Poor Nala… she tries so hard to “babysit” Carmella while mommy is away.







Carmella is by far the best little boost of daily motivation for me. She’s always eager to see you and ready to play. When I wake up in the morning or come home, she’s always there to greet me. Shortly after, she’s off looking for a toy for us to play with. People say that dogs “mellow” out. Well…. maybe, but Carmella can still run like there’s no tomorrow.  She still drags me along sometimes when we do run. I don’t mind the extra motivation at all when we are going up a steep slope!

I’m glad I never got that chocolate lab because I couldn’t imagine anything more perfect than my little snuggle monster! I pick her up all the time and hug her to pieces! Yeah… she hates that, but will tolerate it just for me. Snoozing on the sofa? She’s there right next to you – ahhhhh.

Carmella is my amazing pup, my motivational cheerleader when I need to get my butt up and do something, and my partner in crime in enjoying life to its fullest.

If I say “park” or “hike” she always perks up and looks at me. Then, off she goes running toward the door ready for our adventure. When she looks back at me from the door, I always think she says, “Let’s go already!”  I reply, “Ok, Ok girl. Let’s Go!”

And so, on to our adventures!

Life is perfect with my little dog at my side. I love you Carmella!

Carol & Carmella
President & Pup, Pawtivity


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Is your dog amazing? Contact us to be considered as one of Pawtivity’s featured amazing pups! We may feature you on or on our instagram accounts @pawtivity and @myamazingpup. Send us a photo of your dog and tell us why they are so amazing!


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