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Big Bend Ranch State Park, TX

Easy hiking and camping with your dog.

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    Easy hiking and camping with your dog.

    Special Interest: CampingHiking

    Big Bend Ranch State Park is one of largest parks in Texas, however, not very dog friendly. You can take your dog on the Closed Canyon Trail and Hoodoos Trail on FM 170. If you are camping, your dog must be on leash and can go 1/4 mile away from the campsite or from roads.

    Dogs must be on a 6ft leash and may never be left unattended. They are not allowed in buildings. The best time to go with your dog is outside of summer months when temperatures can go over 100 degrees and air quality is very dry.


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    Location: Presidio, TX  |  Presidio County  |  Texas
    Activities: Hiking, Camping

    Items Needed: Water, Poop Bags, First Aid Kit, Tick Removal Tool, 6 Foot Non-Retractable Leash or Hands-Free Leash, Paw Protection, Sun Protection, Reflective Gear On Your Dog, Other Appropriate Gear, Insect Repellent, Camping Gear

    Safety: Some campsites and parks may restrict where dogs can be. Make sure that you comply with all park rules and regulations and consult your vet for proper vaccinations. Stay home if the weather is too hot or cold. Source a local vet close to where you will be camping in case of emergencies. Campgrounds should always be set away from riverbeds or low ground to avoid flash floods. Beginner campers should stick to designated camping areas. Bring fresh water - at least a gallon or more per person or dog and more if physically active.

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